07/16/2019 | Melitta Group

Melitta celebrates its 111th birthday

Where diversity thrives

It all began with a simple but ingenious idea: Melitta Bentz developed the first coffee filter with paper using a brass can and blotting paper from her son's school exercise book and revolutionised the enjoyment of coffee worldwide. From this idea an international group of companies developed that today stands for much more than just the enjoyment of coffee.

To mark its 111th anniversary, the Melitta Group presents extensive press material to tell something of the company story. In addition to information on topics such as innovations, sports sponsoring, sustainability and employer branding, our Chief Corporate Management talks about the company's history and comments on the philosophy and the future of the Melitta Group.

If you have any questions we are very glad to help you.

Tanja Wucherpfennig 
Head of Internal & External Communication 
Corporate Communications & Sustainability   
Melitta Group Management GmbH & Co. KG
Tel: +49 571 4046-281
E-mail: tanja.wucherpfennig (at) melitta.de 

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