Work climate & appreciation


A good work climate and high level of appreciation

What exactly is a good work climate?

A good work climate can significantly enhance performance in the workplace. When work is fun and the team working on new projects is motivated, the company also benefits from the energy of its employees. In addition to a fair salary, friendly colleagues and exciting tasks that are regularly provided, a positive work climate depends to a large extent on the appreciation shown by superiors for their staff.

Conversely, a bad work climate can increase the sick rate and the number of staff leaving the company. Frustrated employees get sick faster and more frequently. If this is joined by permanent demotivation and the feeling you’re no longer welcome in your own office, it’s no surprise when employees quit. To avoid such a situation, a good working environment is extremely important.

What does appreciation in the workplace mean?

Research shows that recognition, respect and appreciation in the workplace are the most sustainable motivators. This is no surprise really. After all, recognition is one of our most basic needs. In the workplace, however, appreciation has a completely different meaning. When employees get the feeling that they’re just a number and can be easily exchanged, this decreases employee satisfaction.

The fact that in polls employees of many companies regularly complain about the lack of recognition their supervisors show, should give managers pause for thought. After all, it’s so easy to ensure a good work climate: with the right amount of attention – such as a friendly welcome, a short conversation in the corridor, or a sincere thank you – each boss can send a very positive signal to their employees.

One thing that’s also important is to thank or praise at the time when it’s deserved. Praise without any real reference quickly evaporates and leaves a strange taste with the employee. Most importantly, however, keep your promises. If something is agreed during an employee appraisal review – whether it’s a salary increase, a different job title, or another position – management must always keep its promise. All these factors contribute toward a good work climate and increase staff motivation.

How Melitta ensures a healthy work climate and employee satisfaction

Every single person counts!

The personal commitment of every single employee is important. Melitta encourages this by means of recognition, benefits and salary increases, as well as career opportunities.

Cleae and direct communication!

Melitta believes in transparency. Whether it’s about problems in the workplace or the future development of the company. We also attach great importance to promoting communication throughout the company.

Achieving more together!

For a family-run company like Melitta, teamwork is a particularly important cornerstone of our corporate culture. Only as a team can we effectively achieve and implement the goals we have set ourselves.

The perfect work-life balance!

Flexible working hours, fair parental leave models, and the possibility to look after relatives when they need care – these are proven methods with which we have increased employee motivation and satisfaction. Because those who work well, should also be able to lead a good life.

Learning from mistakes!

We attach great importance to the open and fair handling of mistakes. Instead of criticizing colleagues, we prefer to analyze the mistake and make sure as a team that everything is put right again. This is a sustainable way of improving the work climate.

Staff motivation? One of our strengths!

The success of Melitta’s efforts to achieve sustainable, socially just and fair cooperation is also demonstrated by the results of an internal work climate analysis:

Our employees say they are extremely satisfied with their work. They are proud to work for Melitta. And last but not least, the wish to work for us as long as possible scores highly. This wish also manifests itself in an average employment period of 15 years.

As a company, such trust naturally fills us with pride. But it also shows that we’re on the right path with regard to our work climate and employee satisfaction. A path which we will continue to pursue in the future. After all, our employees are much more than just “human resources” for our family business. They are the cornerstone of our success.

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