Avoury® combines tea with a completely new attitude to life

First class teas from certified organic sources, which develop their full flavour thanks to perfectly harmonised infusion time: Avoury® is a revolution in a glass of tea. The brand stands for exclusive preparation of 40 outstanding varieties of tea, produced in single portions and packed airtight in recyclable capsules at a factory in Germany. The innovative and patented Avoury One tea machine automatically adapts to the special requirements of each variety of tea.

Thanks to the Avoury® App, the machine can be controlled using the operating panel or your smartphone. As soon as the tea is ready, the app will let you know - cold tea is a thing of the past. New varieties can be ordered conveniently on your smartphone at any time.

40 exceptional teas and infusions are divided into the categories black, green, white, oolong, fruit and herbal. All Avoury® products without exception are from certified organic sources. Highest quality, at the push of a button: A new tea culture begins with Avoury®.

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