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As a modern company with a rich tradition, we want to face the future challenges together with you and deal with the major trends – with our finger firmly on the pulse of time. Because these not only affect our business, but also each one of our employees. Our task is therefore to anticipate future challenges and to use them to our advantage.

Our opportunities

  • The steady advance of globalization is driving economic growth and prosperity, but at the same time the impact of consumption, the mass media, and the competition between organizations is growing.
  • The use of new technologies and working practices as a result of digitalization and automation is transforming business models, products, structures and processes. Certain areas are supported, and certain tasks can be eliminated completely. At the same time, the number of more demanding activities is increasing.
  • The individualization of society, the desire for personal development, and our adjustment to the needs of individuals – down to lot sizes of one – is becoming increasingly important. Demographic change and the dissolution of traditional gender roles as relationships and family models are being transformed are causing major changes in the labor market.  

Together with you, we want to take on these challenges - and make ourselves ready for the future.

Talent Management

The needs-oriented and future-proof development of executives and talented junior executives is a decisive success factor in our efforts to achieve the strategic goals of the Melitta Group on the global market.

On the one hand, our talent management process with integrated leadership performance review aims to find the right people for the right position and on the other hand to provide meaningful support for our executives and junior executives. They receive regular feedback about their performance, their individual strengths and development needs, as well as possible career paths. Talent management enables the Melitta Group to find suitable internal candidates for executive positions in a structured and objective manner.

The process supports the various people development instruments of the Melitta Group’s numerous operating divisions. The special programs of the “Melitta Campus” provide targeted support for the personal and professional development of our specialist experts and senior executives.

For our experienced executives:

We believe that our leadership team must continually evolve in order to drive our company forward. Because in the modern world of work, the demands placed on employees and executives are steadily increasing. This not only applies to the methods of leadership, but also to the environment. In the current VUCA environment (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity), executives must fulfill their leadership role while dealing with the constant change between stability and instability. In order to support them on this path, we offer a modular training program for our experienced managers in order to accompany and guide their employees in the best possible way with their daily work.

For our specialist experts:

Not everyone wants to lead. At Melitta, we know that. That’s why we offer our talented experts the opportunity to develop themselves and our specialist expertise. In four different modules, the participants are taught various methods and tools – and can thus put together their own individual package with the relevant information for them.

Pension and protection

Melitta offers its employees the opportunity to save for their old age and protect themselves against occupational disability – with attractive terms and conditions – as part of its company pension scheme. Naturally, we also ensure their safety when traveling with our group accident insurance.

Health and wellness

We help our employees shape their everyday working lives in a sustainable and healthy way. To promote health and fitness, employees can take advantage of the company’s diverse range of sports activities, cycle to work on a company bike, or participate in one of our health drives – either alone or as a team. In addition, we offer our employees massages in the workplace as well as professional, external telephone advice for their work-related or private concerns.

Feeling good and appreciated

Our employees are the foundation for our success. It therefore goes without saying that we display our appreciation for their performance and provide them with optimal working environments. This is why Melitta has employee canteens, a wide range of free drinks and various employee services, such as a laundry service or mail delivery to the office. We celebrate our successes together with our cross-facility summer party and other employee events.

Work-life balance

To enable our employees to give their utmost, we ensure that their working and family lives are mutually compatible. Melitta offers optimal conditions with various flexible working or part-time models, as well as our location-specific offers for childcare, such as the company kindergarten or a parent-child office.

Development and career

We offer our employees various opportunities to further their education within the Melitta Group. Our people development and talent management process enables Melitta to develop, promote and retain staff for the long term.

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