Process Mechanic

Process mechanic for plastics and rubber technology.

Want to blast your way to success as a process mechanic for plastics and rubber technology? And ready to quickly vacuum up lots of new information? Then Wolf PVG – an operating division of the Melitta Group – is exactly the right place for you. This highly specialized systems supplier for vacuum cleaners and industrial filter technology is always looking for bright minds for clean solutions.

But what exactly does a process mechanic for plastics and rubber technology do? And what are the career prospects for process mechanics in the future? Our detailed look at the job profile and tasks of a process mechanic aims to shed some light...

Where dust never settles: work as a process mechanic.

Whether vacuum cleaner nozzles, filter systems and clamping flanges for vacuum cleaner bags, or filters for central ventilation systems: the job of a process mechanic for plastic and rubber technology at Wolf PVG is not only demanding, but also offers a variety of interesting career and promotion opportunities in industry and the craft professions.

And the tasks of a process mechanic for plastics and rubber technology are just as varied as the products that Wolf PVG develops and manufactures for industry and end consumers. They include setting up, starting up, monitoring and optimizing the respective injection molding processes, as well as making minor repairs or servicing peripheral devices. After all, only finished parts manufactured with extreme precision can ultimately succeed on the market.

One special aspect of this challenging job profile is the work of the process mechanic for coating technology. These experts not only ensure that corrosion inhibitors, paints or inks are applied precisely to surfaces using a variety of application methods, but also control and program complex and largely automated machines and systems for coating technology.

The activities of a process mechanic for plastics and rubber technology are rounded off by the compilation of all necessary materials and tools, as well as quality assurance and its meticulous documentation. In short, process mechanics face new and complex challenges every day:

  • Preparing the set-up process
  • Ensuring material supplies
  • Producing the main materials
  • Manufacturing with plastics and rubber
  • Monitoring running production
  • Handling production machines
  • Inspecting the quality of all components
  • Optimizing machine configurations
  • Controlling the production process
  • Conducting spot checks

Your've earned it: your salary as a process mechanic.

Anyone who works hard every day in shifts as a process mechanic has more than earned a decent wage. But how much does a process mechanic for Wolf PVG and the Melitta Group actually make? The answer is simple! Although the family-owned company expects maximum performance, as a Top Employer 2017 it also pays good salaries for process mechanics – and offers some attractive extras. The Melitta Group believes that satisfied employees are simply essential for a good work climate and corporate culture.

The clich to kick-start your career: jobs for process mechanics.

The first step is easy. This is our unbelievably simple principle for the application process at Melitta. On the international group’s career website, you’ll not only find all our current vacancies for the profession of process mechanic for plastics and rubber technology, but also the necessary form for your online application. Simply upload your documents (up to 18 MB as a zip file or PDF) and off you go! And it’s guaranteed to always find the right contact partner.

And we also welcome unsolicited applications for the job as process mechanic. So if you want to take on the exciting tasks and daily challenges of a process mechanic at Melitta and there’s no specific job ad for the position at present, you can use the corresponding online form on our career website. Because the Melitta Group is almost always on the look-out for reliable process mechanics for plastics and rubber technology.

And it goes without saying that your personal data will be kept strictly confidential. All things considered then, there’s really nothing stopping you from launching your career as a process mechanic at Melitta. Looking forward to your application!