Food technology specialist Exceptional coffee enjoyment: with food technology.

Exceptional coffee enjoyment: with food technology.

Got the taste for a successful career as a food technology specialist? Then Melitta is exactly the right place for you. For the production and marketing of high-quality roasted coffees and instant beverage specialties, our Bremen-based operating division is always on the look-out for bright minds with a passion for excellence.

But what exactly does a food technology specialist do? And what career prospects do jobs as a food technology specialist offer for the future? Our detailed look at the job profile and tasks of a food technology specialist aims to shed some light...

Full of beans: the role of a food technology specialist at Melitta.

One thing you should know: more than 100 years after Melitta Bentz filed a patent application for her first coffee filter and thus laid the foundation for the internationally successful family business, the caffeine-filled bean still plays a pivotal role for Melitta. And Melitta leaves nothing to chance: it relies on the expert knowledge of food technology specialists for the roasting and grinding of its coffees – a product still on trend after all these years.

And not without reason: after all, the company operates in the highly competitive roasted coffee market and needs to uphold its excellent distribution reach in the retail sector – and consolidate and expand its high level of consumer acceptance. The work of the food technology specialist at Melitta should not be underestimated. These experts are involved in the entire production process. From the accepting and testing of the green coffee beans, to the storing of this sensitive product, to the green-lighting of the finished product.

Extensive computer and programming skills have long been part of the food technology specialist’s job profile. For example, in order to ensure the optimum performance of the plant’s complex equipment – or for the loading of packaging machines. It goes without saying that the job calls for a very high degree of organizational talent, diligence and reliability.

At Melitta, food technology specialists are constantly challenged to demonstrate their professional and technical skills:

  • Checking the delivered green coffee beans
  • Setting the correct roasting profile
  • Controlling all processes
  • Monitoring production
  • Training for work preparation
  • Operating and servicing the machines
  • Troubleshooting and repairing
  • Quality management and assurance
  • Compliance with defined hygiene standards

Extremely enriching: your salary as a food technology specialist.

Anyone who works hard every day as a food technology specialist has more than earned a decent wage. But how much does a food technology specialist at Melitta actually make? The answer is simple! Although the family-owned company expects maximum performance, as a Top Employer 2017 it also pays good salaries – and offers some attractive extras.

And best of all, as a food technology specialist at Melitta, you not only earn well – you also enjoy a host of other benefits. For example, our in-house health management system with check-ups, special health courses, health days and our own massage service. At Melitta, we believe that healthy and happy employees are essential for a good work climate and corporate culture.

The click to kick-start your career: jobs for food technology specialists.

The first step is easy. This is our unbelievably simple principle for the application process at Melitta. On the international group’s career website, you’ll not only find all our current vacancies for the profession of food technology specialist, but also the necessary form for your online application. Simply upload your documents (up to 18 MB as a zip file or PDF) and off you go! And it’s guaranteed to always find the right contact partner.

And we also welcome unsolicited applications for the job as food technology specialist. So if you want to take on the exciting tasks and daily challenges of a food technology specialist at Melitta and there’s no specific job ad for the position at present, you can use the corresponding online form on our career website. Because reliable food technology specialists are almost always in demand in Bremen.

And it goes without saying that your personal data will be kept strictly confidential. All things considered then, there’s really nothing stopping you from launching your career as a food technology specialist at Melitta. Looking forward to your application!