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Which vocational training path suits me best?

In other words: what’s the best profession for you?

Whether you’re at junior school, high school or college, at some point in your life you’ll have to ask yourself the question – which vocational training path suits me best? An important decision that will accompany you – and most other career starters – throughout your entire life.

As a family-run company, Melitta takes this challenge for pupils and students more than seriously. And we try to offer you and other young people the best-possible prospects and starting opportunities – well beyond the boundaries of our home base in Minden. It’s ultimately up to you though whether you choose an industrial-technical apprenticeship, a commercial apprenticeship, or apply for a dual study program.

But what exactly is important for each form of training at Melitta? And what’s the answer to the question “Which vocational training path suits me best?” Well, we’ll tell you …

Play it safe: apply early for an apprenticeship at Melitta & Co.

Your school graduation is still months away – and you think you still have all the time in the world? Wrong! Many mid-sized and large companies now advertise their apprenticeships up to a year or more before the starting date. At Melitta in Minden, for example, the application phase for apprenticeships starts months in advance. Good planning is therefore essential if you want to get off to a successful start with your apprenticeship at Melitta or any other company.

But even “latecomers” still have a good chance of securing an apprenticeship place. Every year, some apprenticeship positions always remain unoccupied for a while. So it’s definitely worth applying! However, in this case you can probably forget one thing: the chances of finding your absolute dream job at the last minute are pretty low. After all, the early bird catches the worm…

A taste of the future: from internship to apprenticeship at Melitta.

OK, we’ve dealt with the question of “when”. Now comes the “what”. In other words: the question of which profession would suit you, and your personal strengths and interests the best.

Internships – like those offered by the Melitta Group and many other companies – can give you some orientation before deciding on a particular apprenticeship. The advantages are obvious: you can get a taste of your future dream job during a school internship program of two weeks or so, or during a voluntary internship during your vacation – and find out exactly what your potential future job and employer are like.

Haven’t found the right thing yet? No worries! Employers like the Melitta Group usually give hard-working interns a second chance. At the company headquarters in Minden, there’s a clear preference for “home made” staff. And there are quite a few Melitta employees who did several internships in Minden or other sites before finally deciding on an apprenticeship and successfully climbing the career ladder of the family-owned company. To put it simply: you just have to try things out first.

And on the subject of trying things out: there are plenty of providers – such as the German Employment Agency or your local Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) – which offer online career advice or aptitude tests for pupils to help you find the most suitable career. You should definitely try one of these during your search.

But be careful: not every online career advice test is what it seems. So if they want you to spend your precious pocket money or pay with your mother’s credit card for a simple aptitude test for pupils, there’s one simple rule: “hands off” or just click on the red cross!

A taste of the future: from internship to apprenticeship at Melitta.

Before choosing a profession you need to draw up a short list. And as you may have noticed during your internship, there are many different vocational paths you can take.

Large companies like Melitta offer a wide range of apprenticeships – and not only at the company’s home in Minden. For example, you can choose an industrial-technical apprenticeship as a mechatronics technician, industrial mechanic or machining mechanic – or do a commercial apprenticeship. For example, as an industrial clerk. The contents, and especially the requirements of these and many other apprenticeship courses can vary greatly.

And not without reason: whereas an understanding of physics and technical skills are important for your industrial-technical apprenticeship at Melitta, you’ll need good marks in German, math, English and politics for a commercial apprenticeship. So it’s definitely a good idea to make an honest assessment of your academic achievements and qualifications, as well as your personal preferences and inclinations, before making a choice.

But Melitta is also a great place for students: the family-run business offers you the chance to complete a dual study program. This gives you the unique opportunity to attend a university – and at the same time gain the practical experience you need for your career. The fact that you can earn an attractive salary during your studies goes without saying for an award-winning top employer like Melitta. So get your application for a dual study program off today!

Here’s to good cooperation Ready to launch your “career in coffee”?

Once you’ve decided on a profession, your vocational training can begin. For example at Melitta. After all, this family-run company has much more to offer than coffee and tea enjoyment – or its famous filter papers. As a globally active group of companies, Melitta offers consumers and its partners in industry and trade an almost endless number of products and skills.

And your fresh ideas will always be welcome during your technical or commercial apprenticeship – helping you really earn your apprentice salary.

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