"Why do I work at Melitta?"

Anika Granert, 29 years old – Digital Media Division at Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions GmbH & Co. KG

After my business studies, I took a marketing internship with the sales division at Melitta Professional (then Melitta SystemService). I learned a lot during this time, as I gathered my first experiences in a large company and gained insight into the many facets of marketing, which up to that point I knew only in theory.

A lot of trust was placed in me from the beginning.

So I was able to manage small projects independently. My colleagues' many years of experience made my entrance into professional life very easy. Shortly before the internship ended, a new position was created – my chance! Because I had made a positive impression, I was offered the opportunity to fill this new position. After another learning phase, I was assigned to the online marketing / digital media department of the Melitta Professional division. In addition, I also collaborate on various projects in the area of product strategy and market research. When I look back at my career entry, perhaps I would have taken more time during my studies for internships – especially abroad, or directly taken advantage of the opportunity for a parallel vocational training and degree programme, as I gained practical experience during my internship at Melitta that really helps you understand the theoretical models introduced during your studies. The students at Melitta Professional who enrol in parallel vocational training and degree programmes also get the chance to spend a few months with our colleagues in our subsidiaries abroad, which is also surely an exciting experience.

„ Working together with colleagues in the USA, Switzerland and Japan serves up new and interesting challenges every day. “


At Melitta, however, there are also various opportunities to continue your education. Last year, I attended a seminar on project management which has enabled me to set up projects in a more structured way. But there have also been some very topic-specific workshops I’ve joined, such as a coffee roasting workshop to enhance my expertise in the field of coffee.

Work is not the focus of my life.

It’s more important for me to enjoy work and have variety in my daily activities. Of course, having new challenges and responsibilities is a big part of that. For me personally, however, long-term goals, flexible working hours and having enough time for my hobbies and leisure time are more important than rapid career progress.

Why do I work at Melitta?

Melitta is a great brand with really good and very diverse products. In our business unit alone, the portfolio ranges from very emotion-eliciting themes like coffee to highly-complex technical products like our coffee makers, which makes daily tasks extremely varied and always exciting. I'm also pleased with the increasing internationalisation aspect. Working together with colleagues in the USA, Switzerland and Japan serves up new and interesting challenges every day. And because of the company size, the global character still retains a familiar feel. I really like that!