09/10/2019 | Melitta Group

Our sustainability statement: to be published at the end of September 2019

As a family company with a tradition that reaches back over 100 years, the Melitta Group is committed to sustainable development. Against the background of rapid global change and the need for new systemic ecological and social solutions, we have initiated a change in culture that combines innovation, digitalisation and sustainability and relies on cooperation and the courage to change. With sustainable products and services as well as a commitment to social responsibility, we want to help shape solutions and make a contribution to the transformation of the economy and supply chains.

Against this background, we have developed a Group-wide strategic commitment to sustainability that is addressed to and involves all of our managers and employees. The aim is to systematize the many individual sustainability activities at our corporate divisions, to unify them and to make them even more effective. In recent years, we have further developed our organizational structures, our skills, our mindset, our leadership principles and our innovative strength. On this basis, we have concretised our goals and commitments in relation to recycling, climate neutrality, sustainable coffee and many of the other key areas that we are committed to. Here they are in detail:

Melitta Group: Targets for Sustainability Development

From 2019 ...

  • We are expanding our governance structure in the area of sustainability and developing it in such a way that all integrated business strategies are coordinated and efficiently implemented.
  • We are continually developing our management system considering the U.N. Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.
  • We are introducing a recycling system for recycable materials in accordance with the circular economy approach (current focus: our locations).
  • We are starting immediately with strategic communication on sustainability and with sustainability marketing based on this.
  • We are further strengthening our position as a quality leader and market leader for electrical appliance, including with regard to sustainable product development.
  • We are implementing a holistic sustainability programme for human resources (diversity & equal oppotunities, personnel development, health & safety at work, health management, personnel marketing).
  • We are continuing to expand our Group-wide social commitment, paying attention to inclusive business approaches.
  • We are publishing a formal annual sustainability reporting.

By 2025 ...

  • We will implement the New Plastics Economy Commitment from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in our product range and packaging.
  • We establish, jointly with our cooperation partners, new systemic approaches and sustainable business models for the value chain coffee.
  • We will use 100% recycled paper or paper from sustainable sources.
  • We will be recognised pioneer and tredsetter for holistic sustainability in the area of electrical appliances, including the circular economy approach.
  • We will be globally climate neutral at our locations.
  • We will reduce water consumption at our paper producing sites by a further 25%.

By 2030 ...

  • We will source 100% of our green coffee from sustainable cultivation (ecological, socially responsible, economical).

In the first Melitta Group sustainability statement, we will report on where we stand in relation to sustainability and how we intend to achieve our goals. The statement will also serve to intensify and expand dialogue with our stakeholders. We therefore encourage you to send them the statement once it has been published and to discuss it with them. If you are interested, please contact tanja.wucherpfennig (at) melitta.de.