02/12/2024 | Melitta Group

For diversity and freedom

The Melitta Group takes a stand against extremism

Diversity and freedom are part of the Melitta Group’s ethos and corporate culture. They are among the basic principles underlying our business activities and our success.

We vehemently distance ourselves from extremism of any kind. Xenophobia and populism have no place in our company.  They are a threat to our democracy, our activities, our economy and our society.

As an international company, we reject all forms of racism and we stand for equal rights for all. We are committed to a culture of cooperation and mutual respect. Our work together is based on appreciation, and there is no place for discrimination in our organisation. We are firmly convinced that we thrive on diversity - the diversity of our employees. Diversity is vitality. And our economic future depends on it. That is why we are firmly committed to an open, diverse and tolerant society.


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