Cutting Machine Operator

Fact check: What exactly does a cutting machine operator do?

Want to cut a good figure as a cutting machine operator? Or turn your ideas into workable solutions? Then Melitta is the right place for you. The family business in Minden is always on the look-out for bright minds to help manufacture its products for the grocery and specialist store trade.

But what exactly does a cutting machine operator do? And what are the career prospects for cutting machine operators in the future? Our detailed look at the job profile and tasks of a cutting machine operator aims to shed some light...

An exciting role: the job of cutting machine operator.

Spatial awareness, technical understanding – and plenty of patience: the work of a cutting machine operator is not only challenging, but also offers a variety of interesting career and promotion opportunities in industry and the craft professions.

The advent of digitalization in the workplace has profoundly changed the job profile of the cutting machine operator over the past decade. Whereas “joiners, turners, and millers” – as cutting machine operators used to be called – mainly required physical strength and perseverance in the years up to the early 2000s, today their specialist expertise is in demand.

And rightly so: computerized numerical control manufacturing (CNC) – the electronic process of controlling machine tools – has long been established throughout the Melitta Group due to its high dimensional accuracy in the production of precision metal or plastic parts. This has significantly raised the job requirements.

Anything but routine: the task of the cutting machine operator

Apart from the manual processing of metal workpieces, the daily routine of the cutting machine operator involves the operating, programming and servicing of complex, computer-controlled CNC machines:

  • Turning, milling and grinding
  • Building individual components
  • Joining together sub-assemblies
  • Checking the quality of all components
  • Configuring CNC machines
  • Monitoring machine runs

A practical example: at the operating division Melitta Coffee Preparation, cutting machine operators work on conventional and CNC-controlled turning, milling and grinding machines.

They produce and overhaul the tools used in the paper conversion process – and thus play a significant role in ensuring that millions of households can enjoy their morning cup of coffee. Using filter papers of consistently high quality.

Yours to keep: the salary to cutting machine operator.

Anyone who works hard every day as a cutting machine operator has more than earned a reasonable wage. But what exactly can a cutting machine operator at Melitta earn? The answer is simple! Although the family-owned company expects maximum performance, as a top employer it also pays well – and offers attractive extras in the form of holiday and Christmas bonuses.

And best of all, as a cutting machine operator at Melitta, you not only earn well – you also enjoy a host of other benefits. For example, our in-house health management system with check-ups, special health courses, health days and our own massage service. In Minden, we believe that healthy and happy employees are essential for a good work climate and corporate culture.

The click to kick-start your career: jobs for cutting machine operators.

The first step is easy. This is our unbelievably simple principle for the application process at Melitta. On the international group’s career website, you’ll not only find all our current vacancies for the profession of cutting machine operator, but also the necessary form for your online application. Simply upload your documents (up to 18 MB as a zip file or PDF) and off you go! And it’s guaranteed to always find the right contact partner.

And we also welcome unsolicited applications for the job of cutting machine operator. So if you want to take on the exciting tasks and daily challenges of a cutting machine operator at Melitta and there’s no specific job ad for the position at present, you can use the corresponding online form on our career website. Because reliable cutting machine operators are almost always in demand.

And it goes without saying that your personal data will be kept strictly confidential. All things considered then, there’s really nothing stopping you from launching your career as a cutting machine operator at Melitta. Looking forward to your application!