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25 years of Cofresco - Reliable household helpers for 25 years

Europe's leading manufacturer of branded household film and paper products celebrates its birthday and focuses on sustainability for the future.

Baking paper, cling film, bin liners - Cofresco products are part of everyday life in more than 70 million households in Europe. On 1 October 1996, the company was founded as a joint venture between the Melitta Group and Dow Brands Europe (a subsidiary of the US-based Dow Chemicals group) in order to pool their foil business and remain competitive in a challenging market. It was a great success, today Cofresco - which has been fully owned by Melitta since 2014 - has a presence on supermarket shelves in almost all European countries with brands such as Toppits®, Albal®, Bacofoil®, Handy Bag® and Swirl®.

“For 25 years, we at Cofresco have been successful on the European market - with innovative, high-quality products and strong brands. We are very proud of this,” commented Oliver Strelecki, Managing Director of Cofresco.

Sustainability as the key to success

For the future, the Minden-based company is focusing on sustainability. “As a plastics processing company, we are aware of our responsibilities. Nowadays, too much plastic waste is produced that is not reused. We want to change that by seeing plastic not as waste, but as a valuable resource and part of a loop, a material that can and must be recycled.” 

With its ‘Mission 100% Circular’ strategy, Cofresco has set itself the goal of having as much of its product portfolio as possible participate fully in a reusable materials cycle by 2025. Specifically, this means that these products are made exclusively from recycled or renewable materials, can be reused many times - wherever possible - and can be fully recycled or composted after use. “As a brand manufacturer, it is of course important to us that we do not compromise on user convenience and quality.”

Much has been achieved - much remains to be done

Although there is still much to be done, important steps have already been taken to achieve the goals of the ‘Mission 100% Circular’. One achievement is that Swirl® bin liners now consist of 80% recycled plastic. Major steps have also been taken with the Toppits® brand. From cling film and Zipper® bags to freezer and vegetable bags - the proportion of recycled resources in these products has been increased to 35% and this will go up to 100% in the coming years.

“We are convinced that sustainability is increasingly the key to the company’s success - and this is particularly true for the industry in which Cofresco has been active for a quarter of a century now,” explained Oliver Strelecki.

Historical Milestones for Cofresco

Melitta entered the household paper manufacturing business more than 80 years ago with its sandwich paper. This was followed by cling film, aluminium foil and bin liners. Cofresco has been capturing the European market since 1996.

Melitta develops sandwich paper and enters the world of household papers.

Cling film and aluminium foil are added to Melitta's product range.

The first durable and 100% waterproof bin liner made of a triple reinforced foil layer is developed and produced.

The Melitta Group expands and creates the Toppits® and Swirl® brands for the new business areas ‘Freshness and Flavour’ and ‘Practical Cleanliness’.

Cofresco is established as a joint venture between Melitta and Dow Brands.

Founding of the Polish subsidiary Cofresco Polska.

Melitta acquires all of the shares in Cofresco. The company becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of the Melitta Group.

Cofresco buys the British company Wrapfilm Systems which includes the brands Bacofoil®, Wrapmaster® and Caterwrap®.

The Cuki Group, the Italian market leader for food packaging, is acquired by the Melitta Group. The company is to be brought together with Cofresco in the coming years.

Cofresco facts

  • 982 employees
  • 289 million euros turnover in 2020
  • Market leader in 16 European countries
  • 7 Brands: Toppits®, Albal®, Bacofoil®, Handy Bag®, Swirl®, Caterwrap®, Wrapmaster®
  • 3 locations - Minden (Germany), Brodnica (Poland) and Telford (UK)

Cofresco Frischhalteprodukte GmbH & Co.KG
Cofresco Frischhalteprodukte GmbH & Co. KG, a company in the Melitta Group, is Europe's leading manufacturer of branded products in the household foil and paper sector for the home and professional kitchens. With its Toppits®, Handy Bag®, BacoFoil® and Swirl® brands, the business unit, which is rich in tradition, is successful throughout Europe. Cofresco also occupies a leading position in the food service industry with its Caterwrap® and Wrapmaster® brands. The product range includes products for keeping food fresh, as well as for preparing and freezing food, products for storing items in the home and garden, and for disposing of waste. Further information at www.cofresco.de.

The Melitta Group
Melitta is an internationally operating group of companies and is one of the leading independent family businesses, both in Germany and abroad. Its main activities are the development, manufacture and sale of branded products for the enjoyment of coffee, for the storage and preparation of food, and for cleanliness in the home. More information can be found at www.melitta-group.com.

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