Melitta, South America

Melitta South America offers a wide range of products for coffee enjoyment at home. These include various coffee blends, capsules, and instant coffees, as well as coffee preparation products such as filter papers. The operating division has three production facilities in Brazil: two coffee roasting plants and one paper mill. Melitta South America is one of the leading suppliers of coffee products in Brazil and the market leader for filter papers in South America under the Melitta® and Brigitta® brands.



Managing Director: Marcelo Barbieri

Headquarters: Sao Paulo

Menschen betreten das Bürogebäude in Sao Paulo

Logo of the Melitta Coffee Preparation Division

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The products of Melitta South America provide above-average quality, compelling consumer benefits, and frequent innovations. The coffee range is renowned for its outstanding flavors and offers a large selection of coffee blends catering to different tastes. The coffee filters produced by Melitta South America enable fast filtration while ensuring that all the coffee’s aromas can fully unfold.

Melitta South America’s strategy is geared toward achieving further growth in the coffee and coffee preparation segments. To this end, the operating division plans to strengthen brand awareness and its footprint in all relevant markets, inside and outside Brazil, while also stepping up its sales activities. In addition, the division will focus on regular product innovations and the systematic consideration of sustainability aspects along the entire value chain with the aim of integrating sustainability into both its business model and the product range.

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