Melitta Business Service Center

The Melitta Business Service Center pools tasks and services at Group level. In addition to shaping the operational HR and accounting processes, these tasks include strategic purchasing, business process management, and IT. The aim is to simplify, standardize, and align the Group’s processes and systems in order to enhance flexibility and efficiency while also establishing the prerequisites for Group-wide digitalization with high security standards.



Managing Directors: Stefanie Bohnhorst, Michael Felix

Headquarters: Minden, Germany

Außenansicht Ringstraße Melitta

As a partner to the operating and corporate divisions, the Melitta Business Service Center aims to create added value and exploit synergies, thus making a decisive contribution to the Melitta Group’s future viability and diversity. It focuses on creating transparency regarding the Group’s various processes, requirements, and systems, as well as standardizing and automating them. The Melitta Business Service Center is expected to make a contribution to cost optimization and the implementation of the Group’s sustainability goals, while at the same time providing expert advice and innovative ideas.

In the fiscal year 2022, the Melitta Business Service Center once again implemented numerous projects and supported the operating and corporate divisions of the Melitta Group with various initiatives. The main focus was on the harmonization and standardization of business processes and the elaboration of requirements for an ERP template as part of the ONE program. Substantial amounts were invested in all areas of IT, especially in the field of IT security. The fiscal year was also shaped by the implementation of requirements under the German Supply Chain Act, the assumption of further accounting tasks for the Group’s European national subsidiaries, and measures to ensure supply capability and optimize purchasing terms and conditions. In 2022, the MBSC’s HR service “Training & Development” underwent and successfully completed the “BEST PLACE TO LEARN” certification process.