Melitta Group Management

Melitta Group Management consists of six corporate divisions and Chief Corporate Management. The corporate divisions provide support for Chief Corporate Management as well as coordinating and steering the individual operating divisions. Their most important tasks include developing and defining Group-wide strategies with regard to finance, legal affairs, human resources, corporate development, and communications and sustainability.

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The corporate division Finance is responsible for the Group’s financial strategy and management.


As the Finance Business Partner, it is part of the global financial organization and also responsible for financing and the Melitta Group’s value-based management system.


Its main tasks include planning and managing cash flows within the Group, the transformation of the financial organization (“ONE Finance”), the coordination of Group data management, and financial reporting on the basis of uniform standards, processes, data, and systems.


The corporate division ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements with regard to accounting, taxes, and customs as well as being responsible for global insurance management.


It offers and conducts services for the corporate and operating divisions with regard to financial support and training.


In addition, it is responsible for the operational coordination and management of M&A projects and cooperations.

The corporate division Innovation, Digitalization, and Start-ups focuses on identifying and exploiting opportunities arising from changes in the market environment, trends and new technologies.


It provides support for the operating divisions in matters of innovation and digital transformation and develops new approaches and business models for the Melitta Group.


It draws on the know-how and resources of the corporate division teams and the 10X Innovation incubator.


The corporate division is also responsible for investments in start-ups.

The corporate division Communication and Sustainability supports Chief Corporate Management with all issues relating to communication and sustainability.


It is responsible for internal and external communications across the Group, as well as for corporate brand management, the strategic alignment and coordination of the Group’s sustainability activities, and the integration of sustainability into the global business strategy.


Its tasks include the development of the Melitta Group’s communication strategy and its implementation in the field of corporate communications, public relations, sponsoring, and events.


Its responsibilities also comprise the Group-wide strategic alignment and development of sports partnerships, as well as in-house real estate management in cooperation with the relevant departments. 

The corporate division Legal, Compliance, Audit has the strategic task of enabling the Melitta Group’s business activities with regard to their compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


While Legal supports Chief Corporate Management, the other corporate divisions, and the Group’s operating divisions with all legal matters – focusing mainly on competition law, commercial and contract law, corporate law, intellectual property law, and data privacy law – Compliance and Audit are essential elements of the Group’s internal control and management system for ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory provisions as well as internal policies. 

The corporate division Human Resources shapes the strategic and infrastructural framework for the support, recruitment, and development of personnel.


A key task is to strengthen the attractiveness of the Melitta Group as an employer, both internally and externally, in order to retain current and new employees over the long term.


Corporate HR supports the operational HR departments with the corresponding measures and instruments, e.g. with regard to digitalization, internationalization, and standardization.


In addition, Corporate Human Resources acts as a driver for the continuous further development of the Group’s corporate culture as a family business. This includes development programs for managers and high-potential employees, as well as the promotion of cross-divisional communication, and an appreciative feedback culture.


The corporate division Corporate Development deals with the strategic alignment of the Melitta Group and its various operating divisions.


It provides support for Chief Corporate Management with the further development of Group strategy and assists the operating divisions with their strategy projects and operational management, as well as the implementation of major projects.


This involves monitoring market trends and developments, evaluating strategic options, and developing strategy programs.


The corporate division is sub-divided into the departments: Corporate Strategy, Investment Management, Planning and Reporting.

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