Melitta North America

Melitta North America produces filter papers and roasted coffee, both for consumers under the Melitta® brand and for the B2B market. Its core markets are the USA and Canada but its products are also marketed in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.



Managing Director: Marty T. Miller

Headquarters: Clearwater, Florida

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Revenue in thousands (2022)


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In North America, Melitta® is the leading brand of coffee filters. In the B2B segment, Melitta North America is a brand-oriented, premium coffee roaster with highly flexible capabilities. Under the slogan “Join the Pursuit for Better Coffee”, the Melitta® brand stands for high-quality products that satisfy the needs of discerning customers.

In the B2C segment, Melitta North America’s objective is to further expand its position as the market leader for filter papers. In order to achieve this goal and differentiate itself from the competition, the operating division will focus on improving the functionality of its products and a strictly sustainable alignment of its business activities. In the B2B segment, Melitta North America aims to drive growth and will focus on diversifying its customers, segments, and packaging options. Moreover, the operating division’s B2B activities will continue to target the away-from-home segment, and cold brew coffee products will be added to the range.

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