Cuki Cofresco

Cuki Cofresco specializes in the production and sale of food packaging, disposable containers, films for food preservation, and garbage bags – over 4,000 products aimed at consumers, as well as commercial clients and the food industry. The operating division’s products set high standards in quality, innovation, and sustainability.



Managing Director: Corrado Ariaudo

Headquarters: Volpiano, Italy

Produktion von Alufolie

Logo of the Melitta Coffee Preparation Division

Revenue in thousands EUROS (2022)


Employees (2022)


With its well-known Cuki® and Domopak® brands, Cuki Cofresco holds market-leading positions, especially in Italy. Under the Cuki Professional® brand, the company offers a wide range of aluminum, plastic, and cardboard containers for the food industry and hospitality sector. Besides Italy, the division supplies several markets in Europe and the Middle East

2022 was also a challenging year for Cuki Cofresco, due in particular to the sharp increase in raw material and energy prices. Nevertheless, both the B2C and B2B business fields can look back on a successful year with further revenue growth and solid earnings.

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