Jubel vom BVB-Spieler. Im Hintergrund Werbung von Melitta.

Sport conveys great emotions and creates very special moments and experiences. Sport stands for motivation and inspiration as well as dynamism, liveliness and joie de vivre. Just like Melitta.


In addition, sport conveys values that we also stand for: team spirit, fairness, passion, tradition, commitment, success. For this reason, Melitta has been very connected to the sport for years and supports clubs on a regional, national and international level.


We maintain an intensive relationship on a regional level with the handball players of GWD Minden, where we support not only the Bundesliga team but also other teams in the men's and youth sectors. The Bessel Rowing Club, whose Melitta Achter - the women's and men's team - compete in the rowing Bundesliga, as well as the Minden Wolves, the first American football club in the Mühlenkreis Minden-Lübbecke, are among Melitta's sports partners at regional level, along with the football club of DSC Arminia Bielefeld.


At the national level, we are very pleased about our partnership with Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund. Since the 2019/20 season, Melitta has been the official coffee partner for the entire coffee supply at SIGNAL IDUNA PARK and works with BVB on a wide range of communication and marketing activities.


The cooperation with Manchester United is of outstanding international importance to us. In 2017, we entered into a comprehensive partnership with the English record champions that goes far beyond classic sponsorship.

Spieler von Manchester United trinkt Melitta Kaffee
Männer-Achter beim Wettkampf
Mittwoch 10.02.2021, 1. Bundesliga Saison 20/21 -  in Dortmund ,
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  Emre Can (BVB)
Spieler von Minden Wolves trinken Melitta Kaffee
Jubel von Manchester-United-Spielern
Mats Hummels vom BVB trinkt Melitta Kaffee
Jubel vom GWD Torwart
Zwei Ruderinnen beglückwünschen sich. Im Hintergrund ist das Logo von Melitta zu sehen.

Partner of Manchester United


Since 2017, Melitta has been working with the traditional English club Manchester United. The partnership focuses on the fascination and joie de vivre that people all over the world associate with both a football match and a freshly brewed cup of coffee. The cooperation encompasses the exchange of different competencies and thus goes beyond classic sponsoring.


In this partnership, Melitta will take over the coffee supply from the bean to the cup in the stadium and on the training ground. At Old Trafford, the well-known "Theatre of Dreams", Melitta provides the audience with coffee specialties and hot drinks of all kinds. Melitta® Caffeo Barista® fully automatic machines are available in the VIP boxes.



Spieler von Manchester United trinkt Melitta Kaffee

Partner of Borussia Dortmund


Through our sports partnership with Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund, we have been able to expand our involvement in football with one of the most successful and popular clubs in Germany. The partnership is based on shared values such as home, family, team spirit and passion, which BVB stands for, but which also fit in with the 115-year-old family business Melitta.

Jubel vom BVB-Spieler. Im Hintergrund Werbung von Melitta.