Ineinandergreifende Hände auf rotem Hintergrund

Work culture

We thrive on diversity

Work Culture

The expertise of our employees is our intellectual capital. Their ingenuity, adaptability, foresight, and creativity are the source of our individual and collective strength to shape the future – to create impact in every dimension.


Diversity is vitality. Vitality is the key to tackling the most fundamental problems of our age. For us as a company, it requires an unprecedented level of collaboration – both within our own organization and across industries outside our own boundaries. This is the only way that the different approaches of various players can be harmonized in order to unfold their full impact.


Co-creation is an ancient method and the only meaningful form of human interaction for transforming complex systems. The recognition of our mutual dependence and constant dialogue are essential for such far-reaching and trusting relationships to succeed. The way we work together will determine the success of the ecological transformation.


Learning and experience belong together. As a diversely networked organization, we create space in which individuals can fully express their potential and work together collectively. This allows us to continuously generate and test new ideas. We see it as our duty to provide a fertile breeding ground for innovative learning, to encourage a wide range of experiences, and to share insights.


We want to educate and empower. We want to generate a networked culture of inspiration – a web of interlocking relationships, a living organism in which we grow and learn from each other: enabling us to unleash our individual and collective potential. For the best collective performance that allows vibrant futures to flourish.

Projects, Stories, Highlights


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Let's create impact

Our employees – and our jobs – are as diverse as our group of companies. We love brands, appreciate international exchange, are enthusiastic about innovations and have great fun acting like business owners and working in a team. Above all, however, we want one thing: to create impact.