100% regenerative value creation

Regenerative Value Creation

We strive to achieve far-reaching and healthy economic activity as a prerequisite for a healthy planet. We want to help protect our natural habitat by developing 100% circular production processes and product cycles, and by driving economic activities that serve the well-being of both people and their environment.


We are committed to renewable energy sources, regenerative resource usage, and a circular economy in order to co-create a resilient, fair, and ecologically sound economic system. — A system based on promoting and sustaining the resilience of natural and social systems while at the same time providing fair access to capital, resources, and opportunities. This is the only way to meet the needs of society and the environment.

Our primary Areas of action

Our products and supply chains can be broken down into the following main areas of value creation:  coffee, plastics, pulp and electrical appliances.


We have developed future concepts for each of these areas of the value chain. As we believe that the shaping of our value creation areas provides the greatest leverage for contributing to sustainable development, they represent the primary areas of action for our sustainability engagement.

Let's create Impact

Our employees – and our jobs – are as diverse as our group of companies. We love brands, appreciate international exchange, are enthusiastic about innovations and have great fun acting like business owners and working in a team. Above all, however, we want one thing: to create impact.