Melitta Asia Pacific

Melitta Asia Pacific is responsible for Melitta’s B2C and B2B activities in the Chinese market. In its B2C business, the operating division offers both locally produced and imported coffee as well as coffee preparation products. B2B activities focus on meeting the professional demand for machines, coffee products, services, and concepts for the out-of-home segment.



Managing Director: Oliver Heppener

Headquarters: Shanghai

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In China, Melitta is perceived as a supplier and a brand of high-quality coffee products and coffee preparation equipment. Moreover, the versatility of the product range and its single-source solutions are highly valued by both consumers and key accounts. The market offers considerable growth opportunities, as a growing number of high-income consumers appreciate exceptional coffee enjoyment and are also increasingly enjoying coffee at home.

The strategy of Melitta Asia Pacific is aimed at strengthening the positioning of the Melitta® brand in the coffee and coffee preparation segments of the Chinese market. In 2022, a localized coffee portfolio was launched which had been developed on the basis of market research findings. It is aimed in particular at young, high-income consumers in urban environments. In the coming years, the operating division plans to continuously develop and diversify its products and services.

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