Caffè Corsini

Caffè Corsini has been producing coffee in Tuscany since 1950 using green beans from all coffee-growing countries. Under the Caffè Corsini® and Compagnia dell’Arabica® brands, the operating division markets whole beans, ground coffee and single portions in Italy as well as 60 other countries around the world. In addition, Caffè Corsini sells coffee products for the food service industry, in particular for bars and hotels in Tuscany and the neighboring regions.



Managing Director: Patrick Hoffer

Headquarters: Arezzo, Italy

Detailaufnahme wie Barista Kaffeekunst in einer Caffè Corsini Tasse bereitet

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In Italy, Caffè Corsini is highly regarded by all retailers as a strong coffee partner, partly due to its single-origin heritage, and partly due to its comprehensive product range that caters to all needs. Outside Italy, Caffè Corsini is mainly positioned as a supplier of top-quality coffees.

The company’s strategy is to spread the heritage of Caffè Corsini throughout the Melitta Group. All of the Group’s operating divisions are to be given the opportunity to offer genuine Italian coffee to customers around the world and via all Melitta distribution channels. At the same time, steps are already being taken to raise brand awareness in the hospitality and food retail channels in key markets of Europe and the Americas, as well as in Italy. In order to achieve the ambitious new sales targets, work has begun on developing a new brand positioning and brand values.

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