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Minden/Hamburg. "150 Years of Melitta Bentz – 150 Years of Inventor's Heart". In the year of the milestone birthday of the inventor of the coffee filter and company founder, Melitta Professional presented the new speciality range La Tazza Verde® Selection from the Melitta® manufactory at Internorga and, for the first time, Italian roasts from the new sister company Caffè Corsini from Tuscany.


Hummingbird, armadillo and sloth: Three animal species from Colombia mark three new coffees from Melitta Professional on the packaging. The new La Tazza Verde® Selection range starts with Single Origin Coffees from the Anei cooperative in the northeast of the South American Republic. As usual for the certified sustainable La Tazza Verde® range from Melitta Professional, the selection is also organic and Fairtrade-certified Arabica beans. The seeds of the coffee cherries from altitudes between 1000 and 1600 meters are wet prepared (washed) in the Anei cooperative and dried in the sun.


The green coffee is finally refined in the Melitta® manufactory in Bremen, which is designed for specialities and individual roasts.  The three varieties La TazzaVerde® Selection Espresso, Café Crème and Filterkaffe are produced here in traditional drum roasting. The balanced taste profile with typical chocolaty, slightly nutty notes was defined by Melitta Professional together with the roasting masters of the Melitta® manufactory in Bremen.


La Tazza Verde® Selection is aimed at coffee professionals who want to set accents in their establishments with specialities. The espresso and café crème beans are perfect for preparation in a fully automatic machine or on a portafilter. The filter coffee is recommended as a freshly brewed pour over for a particularly intense taste experience. The packaging not only provides visual support, but also information about the origin, cultivation, trade and processing of the coffee.


Two other additions to Melitta Professional's coffee range come from the sister company Caffè Corsini in Tuscany: the Espresso Riserva Silvano Corsini, the signature blend from organic cultivation in Africa, Central and South America dedicated to the company founder, and the Espresso Selezione Elite, a selection from Africa, Asia, Central and South America. Typically Italian "grounded", both varieties do not do without a Robusta content of 20 percent in addition to 80 percent Arabica beans. The medium roast brings out a full aroma in both cases. Cocoa, almond and spice notes as well as a marked sweetness characterize Riserva Silvano Corsini, the taste profile of the Selezione Elite records notes of dried fruit, caramel and cocoa. The espressos from Caffè Corsini complement the Professional range with original Italian roasts, which are particularly suitable for preparation on the portafilter. Fully automatic machines also bring out the Italian touch very well.


In 2021, the Melitta Group acquired 70 percent of the shares in the Italian coffee roaster Corsino Corsini S.p.A. The traditional family business in Arezzo operates on the market under the name Caffè Corsini and is very well positioned in Italy and internationally with its well-known brands Caffè Corsini® and Compagnia dell'Arabica® , especially in the field of specialty coffees.


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Passion for coffee enjoyment since 1908. With holistic expertise in coffee, coffee machines, technical customer service, digital solutions and financing, Melitta Professional supports its partner companies in the out-of-home market according to their individual needs.  Worldwide in 12 national companies with their own sales and service teams and in more than 50 other countries together with partner companies for distribution and service. Customers are represented wherever coffee to stay or coffee to go in reliable top quality is in demand. The industries are as diverse as the solutions: Hotel & Gastronomy, Community Catering & Catering, Bakery & Convenience, Café & Coffee Shop, Retail & Specialist Retail, Work & Office.



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