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Melitta Group acquires majority stake in South African roaster 




The Melitta Group has acquired a majority stake in the Caturra roastery in Cape Town, South Africa. The new partnership will be managed by the Melitta Europe - Coffee Division based in Bremen, which has been responsible for Melitta’s European coffee business within the Group to date. 


“Growing in new markets and internationalising our business are important for Melitta Coffee in Bremen if we are to achieve the growth and earnings targets we have set ourselves.” said Matthias Rensch, Managing Director Melitta Europe - Coffee Division. 

“We are convinced that we can make excellent use of the Melitta Group’s extensive expertise for the growth and expansion of Caturra - and that we can also open up numerous new sales opportunities on the African continent for the Melitta Group’s business units.” 


About Caturra

Caturra has been roasting and distributing coffee for around 30 years. The company, which is managed by Annette Becker and Ryan Palos, serves every category in the South African coffee market, from retail to the out-of-home market. Caturra has been roasting and distributing coffee for around 30 years. The company serves every category in the South African coffee market, from retail to the out-of-home market. Its services to hotels, restaurants and businesses include the sale of machines and other products such as tea, water and cocoa, as well as customer service. With around 25 employees, Caturra is a small but well-connected presence on the South African coffee scene. 


The Melitta Group

Melitta is an internationally active group of companies and is one of the well-known independent family businesses not only in Germany. The main tasks are the development, manufacture and distribution of branded products for coffee enjoyment, for the storage and preparation of food as well as for cleanliness in the household. As a company with a tradition of more than 110 years, the Melitta Group thinks long-term and sees the promotion of sustainable development as an integral part of all its business activities. More information at


Melitta Europa - Coffee Division -

The Melitta Europa GmbH & Co. KG division – Coffee Division – is responsible in particular for Melitta's European coffee business. The range offers the right coffee enjoyment for every taste: from filter coffee to instant cappuccino and whole beans for fully automatic coffee machines to pad assortments for single-cup preparation.



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