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Digisustain 2024: Melitta Group, Deutsche Bank and Inglosus Foundation present joint stage for transformation financing




  • The stage is dedicated to the topic "Global Collaboration as a Driver of Transformation Finance: Co-thinking – Collaboration – Co-creation"
  • Digisustain, the conference for digitalization and sustainability, will take place on April 29 and 30 in Frankfurt am Main.


On April 29 and 30, 2024, representatives from politics, academia, industry, and non-profit organizations will convene at Digisustain in Frankfurt am Main. The event will spotlight collaborative opportunities towards a digital and sustainable future, with a particular emphasis on realizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda.


The well-established industry event features 17 different themed stages. One stage is dedicated to "Global Collaboration as a Driver of Transformation Financing: Co-thinking – Collaboration – Co-creation," initiated by Deutsche Bank, Inglosus, and the Melitta Group, scheduled for April 30, 2024. Darius Maleki, Vice-Chairman of the Inglosus Foundation, states: "For several years, Digisustain has united companies from both the real and financial sectors to forge the sustainability transformation. In this vein, the collaborative stage shared by the Melitta Group and Deutsche Bank stands out as a highlight of this year's Digisustain with its co-creative approach."


"Innovative collaborations are key to transforming global economies and lifestyles," states Lavinia Bauerochse, Global Head of ESG Corporate Bank at Deutsche Bank. "On our platform, we aim to explore solutions for successful transformation within globalized supply chains and German SMEs, and how the real economy and financial economy can collaborate efficiently and with intent."


"Close collaboration between different social groups is particularly necessary in economic sectors where far-reaching and systemic changes can only be made jointly. This is the case, for example, in the global coffee market. In order to be able to shape concrete ways of co-thinking, collaboration and co-creation, we are therefore taking up examples from the coffee sector, among others, to whose sustainable future we as the Melitta Group want to make a significant contribution," says Katharina Roehrig, Managing Director Communications and Sustainability of the Melitta Group.


Creating impact together

"Many partnerships and collaborations have been formed within the coffee industry, serving as models for other sectors. These alliances also shed light on the varied challenges present in transforming global value chains," states Stefan Dierks, Director of Sustainability Strategy at the Melitta Group. "We plan to showcase these challenges through brief presentations, panel discussions, and interactive stations to foster collaboration towards a digital and sustainable future. Our goal is to collaborate with attendees to devise tangible strategies for financing transformation, which will be refined following Digisustain."


The Melitta Group is committed to fostering sustainable development and transformation, extending beyond its primary business, as a core aspect of its mission. Consequently, it consistently steers its brands and subsidiaries towards a regenerative economic model. The Melitta Group has crafted forward-looking concepts for each of its profit-generating sectors. Within the "coffee" sector, the Melitta Group aims to realize the "Coffee of the Future" initiative by 2030. This vision entails coffee produced in a manner that ensures long-term, sustainable livelihoods for all stakeholders, conserves or restores local ecosystems, and involves climate-conscious processing, transport, and roasting with sustainable water usage. The end product will feature recyclable and reusable packaging, or be packaged using recycled materials, be energy-efficient in preparation, and, embracing the principles of a circular economy, will be optimally recycled as coffee grounds in the most environmentally favorable method available.


The program of the thematic stage "Global Collaboration as a Driver of Transformation Financing" as well as opportunities to participate in DigiSustain can be found at



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