Coffee of the future


Coffee is regarded as the world’s second most important commodity, grown in over 70 countries and consumed by millions of people around the globe. In addition to its undeniable importance for the economy, coffee is cultivated in some of the most biodiverse ecosystems of our planet. As such, coffee farmers – and by extension, the entire coffee industry – face significant challenges. The complex implications of climate change and monocultures often negatively impact soil biodiversity and quality, and thus crop yields and the long-term sustainability of coffee production. The resulting volatility of green bean prices is a problem that threatens income security and thus also the livelihoods of coffee farmers – making coffee farming less attractive, especially for the younger generation.


In order to secure the future of the coffee sector, we – and our partners – are constantly developing measures and ways to establish new systemic approaches and sustainable business models along the entire coffee value chain. Our main priority is the regeneration of the coffee-growing regions.

Target > 2025 > 2030 

The “Coffee of the Future” is processed, transported, and roasted in a climate-friendly way which also uses water sustainably. Coffee packaging is recyclable, made from recycled materials, and/or can be used multiple times. Our coffee machines will be in line with the circular economy and produced in an energy-efficient way. They will enable coffee to be prepared in an energy-saving fashion.


Wherever possible, the production of coffee helps to safeguard the future of local people and their environment, while providing all-round sustainable enjoyment for consumers.