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We want our efforts to have an impact

Social Business



As a global company, we see ourselves as part of a global network, a global community. We regard ourselves neither as a charity nor as an exclusively traditional company, but as an impact-oriented company.


The concept of social business is both a logical consequence and an integral part of the ongoing development of our business model. We are fully aligned with and dependent on the social well-being of our stakeholders and the preservation of our habitat. Together with our partners, we are working hard to solve the world’s social and environmental problems and to improve the standard of living of all stakeholders so that long-term and fairly distributed prosperity, human dignity, and social justice can flourish.


Our aim is to link ecological and economic processes – also in developing and emerging nations – and to drive those technical innovation processes and infrastructures that deliver both positive environmental outcomes and economic benefits. In this way, we want to empower people to lead an affordable and dignified life.

Let's create Impact

Our employees – and our jobs – are as diverse as our group of companies. We love brands, appreciate international exchange, are enthusiastic about innovations and have great fun acting like business owners and working in a team. Above all, however, we want one thing: to create impact.