05/10/2018 | Melitta Group

Innovative recruiting approach: “Spring Awakening”

Behind every successful company there are people who are passionate about their job. People who are dedicated and courageous, who show initiative and want to make a difference. And these are precisely the qualities – commitment, courage and initiative – that have made the Melitta Group so successful. The HR team is therefore constantly refining its recruiting measures in order to attract future employees who can bring these qualities and have the desire to make Melitta even more successful. The team is treading completely new ground with its “Spring Awakening” project – and thus picking up on an innovative idea from Chief Corporate Management.

School grades are by no means everything – everyone knows that. And yet they still play an important role in applications. The courage, initiative and commitment of an individual are nowhere to be found on leaving certificates. However, the pupils of Minden’s Herder High School displayed exactly these characteristics with their musical “Spring Awakening”, originally a play by Frank Wedekind. It is about the turmoil of adult life with some unusual and difficult topics, as well as setbacks and conflicts.

The dedication and courage of the pupils left a deep impression on one audience member in particular: Jero Bentz, of the Melitta Group’s Chief Corporate Management. These pupils demonstrated exactly those qualities that made Melitta great and that we also need in the future. In view of the current shortage of skilled workers, however, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find exactly such people. So why not take an unconventional approach and reward this special achievement? This gave the impetus to support the pupils by offering them a career opportunity at Melitta.

The pupils were sent an invitation to visit Melitta on May 7, 2018. They were given an interactive insight into what it’s like to work for Melitta and which professional opportunities the Group offers. But that was not all: finally, the young visitors were presented with a “wild card” to launch their careers with Melitta, e.g. by means of an internship or apprenticeship. The aim is to offer the pupils long-term support with the prospect of receiving a job offer.

“We are very curious to see what possibilities will result from this approach and whether such unconventional paths might be a viable future route for recruiting,” says Jana Reineke.