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We shall process the personal data of an applicant (applicant data) for the purpose of conducting our application procedure and, if the application is successful, for the purpose of establishing and carrying out the future employment relationship. The legal basis for this processing is Art. 26 of the revised German Data Protection Act (“BDSG-neu”) pursuant to Art. 6 (1) lit. b) for the fulfilment of a contract or pre-contractual measures.

We shall use the applicant data within the framework of the application procedure to make contact via telephone or electronic means (e.g. e-mail). We expressly do not collect or request any data relating to special categories pursuant to Art. 9 GDPR (1) (e.g. religious beliefs or ethnic origin). Should we cooperate with a service provider for the advertised position, the applicant data may also be processed by this service provider. The application procedure is managed internally by Melitta Business Service Center GmbH & Co. KG, Minden.

On completion of the application procedure, the applicant data will be deleted unless a legal retention period (e.g. AGG, BGB, SGB) requires longer storage or the applicant has given his/her consent for longer storage.

Insofar as we process the applicant data on the basis of consent given, the applicant can revoke this consent in written form (e.g. by sending a corresponding e-mail to the designated processing party) at any time with effect for the future. The legality of the data processing operations carried out until such revocation is received remains unaffected.

For all other matters, please refer to our general declaration on data privacy

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What is an unsolicited application?

Want to get off to a flying start after completing your studies or give your career a new lease of life, but can’t find a suitable job offer on the career portal of your preferred employer? Then simply put yourself and your professional qualifications in the spotlight with an unsolicited application ...

An unsolicited application is an application based on instinct. There’s no specific job ad – you just have a generally good feeling about the company and the area of responsibility. Your chances of getting such a dream job with an unsolicited application are actually greater than you might think. So why not give it a try. 

The journey is the goal: your online application.

Whether you’re applying for a specific job vacancy or a job for which there’s no current vacancy: the days of the classic application folder sent by post are finally over. Many medium-sized and large companies have been insisting on online applications for many years now.

The advantages are clear: you benefit from reduced costs and time, and the company benefits from significantly leaner and more efficient application processes. This leaves HR colleagues more time for the important stuff – like your application.

Many employers have even gone one step further. For example, it has long been standard practice to provide an online form for applicants to use when applying for a specific job. Résumés, cover letters etc. can all be easily and conveniently uploaded and sent straight to the right contact partner.

And the same applies to unsolicited applications. While you’re still asking yourself “How do I write an unsolicited application?”, most companies are already on the case and provide the appropriate online form. This guarantees that you always have the right address – and can avoid unnecessary "shots in the dark”.

Pros & cons: unsolicited applications at a glance.

Our tips: unsolicited application, the right way.

Many HR professionals know it only too well from their own professional experience: the road to that dream job is not always without hurdles. This applies all the more in the case of unsolicited applications, i.e. without a specific job ad. But how do you actually write a successful unsolicited application?

Simple: with plenty of preparation! :

Find out about the company.

Knowledge is power! So before you write your unsolicited application, you should take some time to get to know your future employer in detail: Which qualifications are required to shine as a potential employee? How should you position yourself on the market? What is the company’s secret to success? Does it have expansion plans?

Analyze yourself.
Only those who know their own strengths and motivation can perform well at work. Before making your unsolicited application, think carefully about what makes you the perfect candidate. And what added value your know-how can offer the company.

Nobody likes to hear a “no”. Especially not to an application in which you’ve put so much effort. A well-maintained network can reduce the likelihood of such refusals, however. So reach out to employees in advance via Xing, LinkedIn or Twitter. And make a point of regularly visiting specialist and job fairs.

The be all and end all: an application with style!

Once you’ve familiarized yourself in detail with the company, there’s really just one thing still missing: an absolutely compelling cover letter. And actually, there are far fewer things to remember than you might think.

  • Make your unsolicited application as active as possible. Use verbs instead of nouns. This makes your text more lively – and grabs the reader’s interest.

  • Inspire the HR department – and put yourself and your skills in the best possible light. But beware: unnecessary exaggerations can be counterproductive.

  • Important: an unsolicited application should also include a full résumé in which you clearly lay out your professional path so far.

5 rules for your unsolicited application.

You’re now just a few steps away from a successful unsolicited application. Carefully follow the following 5 points – and nothing can go wrong:

1. Make contact!
Address your letter to a specific person – or use the forms provided for an unsolicited application. If you’ve talked to an employee in advance, you can refer to them in your letter.

2. Mention the company's name!
Show that you have a genuine interest in the company. For example, mention the company’s philosophy or specific products. Make it clear that you really only want to work here – and know a thing or two about the company.

3. Demonstrate strength!
Find out which skills are important for the company – and highlight your respective competencies. Mention successes that show you have the necessary know-how.

4. Don't forget the soft skills!
Have the right hard facts to really impress? Excellent! Now your unsolicited application only has to demonstrate some compelling “interpersonal” or soft skills. So don't forget to mention them!

5. Cut the empty phrases!
Anyone can trot out the same old phrases! So make sure the HR marketing staff keep you in mind by using more memorable sentences. And you may soon be receiving that all-important job interview invite.

Even though we generally advertise vacancies at Melitta, we are always pleased to hear about your interest in our company. We therefore look carefully through all unsolicited applications – and examine in detail whether there’s perhaps a need for your talents. After all, behind every unsolicited application there might be a new, potential colleague. In short, we at Melitta look forward to saying – you’re exactly what we’re looking for!

Any questions?

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Contact Person
Jana Reineke
Manager Human Resources Marketing
+49 571 4046-424