Family-friendly corporate culture


Reconciling family, work and private life is relevant for many people in different life situations. That's why we're here for you. We support you with our life-phase-oriented measures and opportunities wherever you need them. And we are constantly evolving. In this way, we combine the needs of our employees with the operational requirements.

How we support you


Offers for reconciling work, family and private life



A family-friendly corporate culture is very important to us at Melitta. That's why we not only offer tailored options for flexible working but also a wide range of other possibilities. As well as strong cooperation partners, we’re also constantly adapting our offers to your needs.

At Melitta, you always have the right contact person


It’s important to us to be able to give you comprehensive advice on all matters. After all, reconciling work, family and private life is not just a question of flexible working hours. That's why we created our work-life balance management office, where you can get confidential advice on all aspects of work-life balance – especially in-house possibilities. We also offer organizational workshops and awareness-raising programs on various topics.

You’ll also find a range of other advice services:


Are you going to be a parent or already have children? Our parent's guide will advise you on all questions relating to the interaction of work and family, such as your parental leave. Training and mentoring services are also offered here. For parents-to-be, we’ve also compiled all important information about parental leave, applications and tips in a special magazine.


Balancing caring for loved ones with work can be challenging. Our care guide will help you with all aspects of care and can refer you to further support providers if necessary.


Our advice on different work-life balance models, such as job sharing, brings together a wide variety of levels, for example for those returning to the work process and trainees.


In addition, we can provide confidential consultations if you simply need to get something off your chest, and we can advise you on getting further help if necessary.

We help you find suitable childcare services for your child


At our Minden site, we have daycare places for our employees. If you want to register your child or children there, we’ll advise and support you. We also offer holiday care for school children (aged 6–12) at the Minden site or can advise you about suitable offers. We are constantly expanding our range of support, so feel free to ask your recruiter about the latest possibilities.

Your retreat for working days with children in the office or meetings


Everyone feels at home in our mixed rooms in Minden and Bremen. You can spend your working day here in a pleasant atmosphere and are welcome to bring your child with you. Even if you don't have children, the mixed room is a great place for confidential conversations or small group meetings.

We have strong cooperation partners for many other topics


As part of our cooperation with the German Child Protection Association, we offer mediation, counseling and workshops on family and organizational topics. If you have any concerns or are facing challenges with anything, you can contact the external, confidential parent hotline.


Have questions about parental allowance? For financial advice, we have a cooperation with a strong, external partner.

Local childcare in Minden


Opened in 2014 by the German Child Protection Association Minden Bad Oeynhausen e.V. as an initiative to provide daycare for local companies. This initiative is growing steadily and now comprises the Melitta Group and eight other companies from the region. A total of 75 daycare places are available, with a fixed contingent of daycare places for the children of Melitta Group employees.

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