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All around well-being


The satisfaction of our employees is our top priority – and that's exactly why we make sure that we support you in the best possible way. Whether it's joint activities away from everyday work, support in reconciling work and private life or offers for security in old age – at all our German locations you can look forward to great benefits in various areas: Finance & Pension, Health & Wellness, Life & Work, Well-being & Community. 


But that's not all. At our ten locations in Germany, there are even more local offers waiting for you. 

Financen and Provision

As part of the Melitta Group, you don't have to worry about your financial security alone. Because we support you with various offers to provide for yourself together - for old age, but also in case you should have an accident or become unable to work.

Preparing for the future today!


Of course, we do this together as a team. We support you with our pension options for company pension schemes, so that you can enjoy your retirement with more peace of mind.

We are always by your side 


And we support you in the event of an accident. Because with our accident insurance, we are there for you – at work and in your free time.

We support you in your protection


Because sometimes life doesn't go according to plan. And if you can no longer do your job due to illness, it can be financially difficult. But we will stay by your side and support you – for example with our occupational disability insurance at special conditions. 

Health and Well-Being

As a family business, the health of our team is particularly important to us. Because there is nothing more important than staying healthy. To ensure that you can make your working day as healthy as possible, we support you with a wide range of offers for physical and mental health - from company sports to health promotion and prevention offers to advice in difficult life situations.

We have independent experts who listen to you!


Are you going through a difficult phase of your life? At many German locations, we’ll help you get free support. It doesn't matter whether you have personal, psychosocial, health or professional concerns. Our independent experts will advise you confidentially and help you find solutions for your situation.

Your medical care and prevention


Our company doctors take care of your general medical care - from regular check-ups to vaccinations and health offers.

Our offer for all those who want to get active


We think it's great that you take care of your health. That's why we actively support you and offer you a wide range of activities related to exercise, nutrition, relaxation, work-life balance and mental health at our German locations. In addition, we regularly adapt our offerings, from on-site courses to digital offerings, so that you can always try and learn new things.

We'll support you if you've been away for a longer period of time


To this end, we have launched our Operational Integration Management (BEM). In this way, we support you in getting healthy again and maintaining your ability to work in the long term. This will make your way back to work a little easier, even after a long illness.

Looking for a break?


Then we have something for you! This is because we work with physiotherapists who regularly provide more relaxation at some of our German locations.

Sebastian Kotowski, Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions

"I particularly enjoy using corporate benefits – it gives me great deals on a wide range of products and brands from different companies. Many of my colleagues also use the JobRad offer and the retirement plan."

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Living and working

As a family business, we do a lot to create an environment that promotes professional and private harmony. We are happy to provide you with comprehensive support with various measures and benefits. 


For more movement in everyday life!


Not only for more exercise on the way to work, but also in your free time: Thanks to our cooperation with JobRad, you can easily choose your dream bike and get it at special leasing conditions.

For those who love bargains!


As part of the Melitta Group, you can register on the external "corporate benefits" platform. There you will find exclusive offers and discounts at numerous online shops: from clothing and decoration to tickets for leisure activities to contracts for mobile phones and the Internet.

Sports fan? Let's go to the stadium with us!


Thanks to our ticket shop for our local sports partners, you can even get tickets free of charge as an employee of the Melitta Group. You can also look forward to one or the other competition.

For more flexibility in your everyday life.


It is important to us that you are able to reconcile your job with your private life. That's why, in coordination with your manager, we offer the option of mobile working for many functions and activities at our German locations, for example from home. The basic prerequisite for mobile working is that your area of responsibility and your activities allow it. It is important to us that the personal exchange with colleagues at the company workplace is not neglected. Feel free to talk to your recruiter about your individual options. 

Well-Being and Community

Together we are the Melitta Group. We believe that shared experiences and community are at the heart of our group of companies. To this end, we offer various opportunities to meet colleagues outside of everyday work. From local sporting events to our legendary celebrations, the Melitta Group is all about community, cohesion and team spirit.

Enjoying quality time together!


In the Melitta Group, we work together as a team – and together we also have a good time outside of work, for example at our parties or when we celebrate our team successes.

Get to know your colleagues better!


We enjoy spending time together. That's why we organize joint barbecues, activity days and participate in local sporting events or charitable activities. In this way, we get to know each other even better and create memories together!

News from the Melitta Group! 


The Melitta Lounge is our intranet. There you will always find news about what is happening in the Melitta Group. And in addition, you will receive our magazine for employees at home four times a year.

Job Portal



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