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Apprenticeship as an e-commerce clerk (m/f/d)

Get started as an online expert!

As an e-commerce clerk, you create and manage the company’s online shop. You’re not only responsible for the right product data and images – as well as the different payment methods offered by the online shop – but also decide which channels to use for sales and marketing based on various criteria. You actively use various social media channels, create newsletters, and design topic pages for our online shop. As an expert, you’ll know all the website traffic data and be responsible in the financial area for the calculation and subsequent creation of offers and invoices. Your apprenticeship at Melitta will give you a solid introduction to Business 4.0 and prepare you for a wide range of employment opportunities in the commercial sector with a focus on online business.

What to expect

Mind reader: You know your target audience and what your customers want.


Online marketing guru: Design online shops with assortments that delight customers and showcase our products.


Digital native: You’re familiar with digital infrastructures for online sales.


Customer whisperer: Maintaining customer contacts is part of your daily routine. In addition to your commercial activities, you’ll be the first point of contact for customers – responsible for advice, complaints, and returns.

what you have to offer

Your educational foundation: With the technical secondary school entrance qualification and good grades in maths and English, you will get off to a flying start.With the technical secondary school leaving certificate and good grades in maths and English, you’ll get off to a flying start.


Always online: You’re passionate about online shopping and you know your way around the internet.


Communication skills: You enjoy sharing ideas and working in a team.


Flexibility & commitment: You’re flexible, adapt quickly to new situations, and are happy to lend a hand.


Number cruncher: You think analytically and enjoy working with numbers and data.

This is your training salary

 1st year of training: € 1,140.00

 2nd year of training: € 1,220.00

 3rd year of training: € 1,300.00



 * from 01.08.2024 - Tariff OWL

Training location: Minden

Duration of training: 3 years

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Say hi to our Apprentices

Our benefits for you

Our trainee trip is legendary. A few months after you join Melitta, we set off with all the first-year apprentices to spend a few days together. This way we can all get to know each other even better. You can look forward to an exciting program.

Your apprenticeship at Melitta starts with the induction days. Over 3 days, you can expect a colorful program to get to know the other apprentices, operating divisions, and our products. You’ll get plenty of information about the apprenticeship program. And our scavenger hunt will help you discover every corner of your company – including production.

At the start of their training, each new apprentice receives support from their personal mentor – an apprentice in their second or third year and where possible learning the same trade. You can ask them all your questions and get tips on everyday life at Melitta.

Whether it’s water, cocoa, coffee or tea – all your drinks are free of charge.

In addition to your normal salary, you’ll get holiday and Christmas bonuses.

After all that work, you need to unwind sometimes – and our summer party, annual Christmas party, or team parties are the perfect place to let your hair down.

If you work, you have to eat! Our company restaurants serve delicious food every day to give you the energy you need for your training.

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