From school to your dream job - There's more to it than you think!


Are you about to graduate and want to do an apprenticeship or dual study program? Then come and join us! As a modern family business, the promotion of young talent is our top priority. After all, today's trainees are the vital specialists of the future. Whether it's a commercial or technical apprenticeship, or a dual study program – we'll accompany you on your journey! Still undecided about what you want to do after school? Then take advantage of our career exploration days to get an exciting first insight.

Dual study Programs at Melitta



Melitta’s dual study programs offer the perfect mix of hands-on experience at work and theoretical knowledge at university. And you can help shape the practical phases yourself thanks to our individual station planning. You’ll get an inside view of different company departments, get to know colleagues, and pave the way for your future career at Melitta. Of course, your supervisors are always on hand to advise you.

Apprenticeship at Melitta



The choice is huge! Whether you’re looking for a commercial or industrial/technical apprenticeship – we can help you lay the foundation for your future career. Our experienced colleagues will include you in their day-to-day work right from the start and have some exciting tasks in store for you. And in addition to the mandatory work stations, you can naturally have a say when it comes to planning the other stations. Your supervisors will support you and be by your side throughout the entire training period.

Our benefits for you

Our trainee trip is legendary. A few months after you join Melitta, we set off with all the first-year apprentices to spend a few days together. This way we can all get to know each other even better. You can look forward to an exciting program.

Your apprenticeship at Melitta starts with the induction days. Over 3 days, you can expect a colorful program to get to know the other apprentices, operating divisions, and our products. You’ll get plenty of information about the apprenticeship program. And our scavenger hunt will help you discover every corner of your company – including production.

At the start of their training, each new apprentice receives support from their personal mentor – an apprentice in their second or third year and where possible learning the same trade. You can ask them all your questions and get tips on everyday life at Melitta.

Whether it’s water, cocoa, coffee or tea – all your drinks are free of charge.

In addition to your normal salary, you’ll get holiday and Christmas bonuses.

After all that work, you need to unwind sometimes – and our summer party, annual Christmas party, or team parties are the perfect place to let your hair down.

If you work, you have to eat! Our company restaurants serve delicious food every day to give you the energy you need for your training.

Job Portal



Take a look at the vacancies in our job portal – we're sure you’ll find something suitable.

Opportunities for schoolchildren

We also offer various opportunities to get a first insight into the company while you’re still at school. You can decide whether you want to do an internship or take a look behind the scenes of a family business during our career exploration days. We look forward to welcoming you!

Internship for schoolchildren

Interested in doing an industrial/technical apprenticeship? We’ll give you an insight into our in-house training workshop in Minden as part of a special internship for schoolchildren. You’ll have the opportunity to test your skills and learn about our wide range of professions and work areas. For those interested in one of our commercial professions, we’ll be happy to check whether we can offer you an internship so that you can get to know the different departments.


Send us an email stating your preferred department and internship duration, as well as where you’d like to do the internship to: bewerbung.schuelerpraktikum@melitta.de. You can also attach a CV if you like.

Career Exploration Days

The career exploration days are internships that last just one day. These days are organized by local schools. At our site in Minden, we offer a special program for this day that will give you an overview of the Melitta Group and the various jobs we offer – both commercial and technical. These days are offered three to four times a year in cooperation with schools in the Minden area.


In addition to the career exploration days, we also hold a Girls and Boys Day. This takes place once a year and the date is set by the German ministries. It will give you an insight into the different professions at Melitta – free of gender clichés!


Want to take part in the Girls and Boys Day or a career exploration day at the Melitta Group? Then send us an email in good time to bewerbung.schuelerpraktikum@melitta.de – there are only a limited number of places.

Daniel Mantler, Apprentice

"Daniel has been doing a paper technology apprenticeship at our Minden site since August 2023. As a paper technologist, he accompanies the production and conversion of paper and cardboard and helps his colleagues ensure the high quality of our products. After his apprenticeship, he’ll be an expert in paper production: from the raw materials to the finished coffee filter – and one of the guarantees for your delicious cup of filter coffee."



We’ll answer all your questions on opportunities for students and graduates.

Please only apply via our Job Portal on our Careers page. All vacancies are advertised there. Apply directly for your favourite apprenticeship position. When you click on the "Apply" button, you’ll be directed to the application form.

If the position is advertised on our Job Portal, we haven’t filled it yet and you can still apply for it. In the case of various external job search portals, it could be that positions which are already filled have not yet been removed from the system due to technical delays.

Already have an apprenticeship or dual study program in mind and want to know whether it suits you? Our colleagues will be happy to answer your questions at any time. You can also find out more at job fairs, the Training Day and careers orientation evenings at schools. A student internship will also give you the chance to discover whether the particular job is right for you. Feel free to talk to friends, family or teachers if you’re unsure. They can help you find out what your strengths are. Ultimately, however, it all comes down to what you enjoy doing!

In our job ads, we always list the ideal requirements for the apprenticeship or dual study program. They’ll give you some orientation and help you to decide whether the apprenticeship or degree program is right for you.

All apprentices and dual study program trainees who have successfully completed their training are taken on by us for up to one year. This varies per location. We will then work with you to see what opportunities there are for your future career path within the Melitta Group.

We provide support for our apprentices and trainees in the run-up to their final exams so that they’re perfectly prepared.

You’re welcome to do an internship with us during your school holidays. If you’re interested, please contact us by e-mail: bewerbung.schuelerpraktikum@melitta.de. We’ll then check whether we have availability and can offer you an internship during that specific period.