Four women, recruiters at Melitta, stand in a light corridor between two buildings and smile at the camera

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Looking for the perfect match


As recruiters, we’re always on the lookout for people who are a good fit for us in the Melitta Group. Because our goal is that you feel comfortable with us as part of the team and that you’re satisfied in the long term. And we do this right from the start: we are the point of contact for your application, we’ll answer your questions about entry opportunities and job offers and accompany you during the application process – which we’ll make as fast and transparent as possible for you. You can find out more about us and can get a first impression below.


Lisa Rethmeier

HR Senior Recruiter

Brown-haired woman, recruiter at Melitta, wears jeans, a white turtleneck shirt and beige blazer. She stands leaning against the wall in the stairwell and smiles at the camera

Hi, I'm Lisa! I’ve been a recruiter at the Melitta Group for over five years and I’ll be your first contact with the Melitta Group. I love a good cup of coffee (by the way, that's not a prerequisite for being hired) – but that’s only one of my passions. I’ve been an enthusiastic handball player for many years and bring team spirit and dynamism not only to the handball court but also to my work. I’m a passionate collector of houseplants, but above all of holiday memories. On my days off, I’m rarely at home, but love to discover the world.

Lisa has the keenest eye of us all. With her attention to detail and her love for order and structure, she leaves nothing to chance! She grasps new topics just as quickly as she gets excited about something new. This means she’s full of energy when faced with new challenges.

Appreciation is a top priority at the Melitta Group. The focus is on our employees – because that's exactly where they belong. Together as a team, we shape the future. Melitta is also incredibly diverse, which makes working here so exciting. But it's the community and togetherness that make working here so special.

... we had a pleasant exchange and I was able to get to know an authentic applicant. Of course, the goal is a two-way match so I'm particularly happy when applicants come out of the interview on a positive note and want to become a part of the Melitta Group.

Ilka Nienhüser

HR Recruiting Specialist

Woman with light brown hair wearing black pants and a white turtleneck, leaning against the wall in the stairwell and smiling high at the camera

Hi, I'm Ilka and I've been a recruiter for the Melitta Group since 2021. I’m responsible for putting together strong teams that are a good fit – both professionally and personally. In my free time I like to be out and about, and in particular I love being in the Alps. As a passionate skier I can live out my enthusiasm for the mountains, preferably together with friends. Having a good time together and team experiences are always the most important thing for me. But I also love cozy alpine huts and look forward to relaxing with a good book during my summer holiday by the sea. I try to bring this balance of dynamism and calmness to my work and job interviews, where I aim to find the perfect match for the Melitta Group in a relaxed, pleasant and at the same time professional atmosphere.

Ilka brings a lot of experience to the table. She’s a specialist, especially when it comes to the topic of active sourcing, i.e. directly approaching candidates. With her easy-going manner, she’s also a real asset on a personal level. We were very happy when Ilka joined our HR team.

When I joined in 2021, I was immediately impressed by how strong the sense of cohesion was and how committed people were to the idea of change and innovation. There’s also a strong pervasive sense that Melitta’s employees are the company’s true focus. And that everyone is proud to work for such a values-driven company.

... both sides have developed a good feeling for each other after a conversation and I find that we’re a good fit for each other. Because that's exactly our goal: to find the perfect match.

Jutta Gronemann

HR Specialist for Recruiting and Career Entry

Brown-haired woman wearing a black tshirt and a pink cardigan. She leans her back against the wall and smiles at the camera

Hi, I'm Jutta. Together with my colleagues, I’m responsible for recruiting – including student interns, working students and trainees for the Melitta Group. As my own son is also about to start work after graduation, this target group is particularly close to my heart. I think it's really important to give young people a good start to their careers – both professionally and privately. When I'm not at work, I like to relax by reading and I keep fit by working in the garden. I also love to travel and enjoy a good glass of wine and a delicious meal together with my family and friends.

Jutta is our walking encyclopedia, the heart and soul of the team, and famous for her positive attitude. She’s been with Melitta for a long time, knows a lot of people here and is always there to help and advise us.

We’re a really great team at Melitta. I can say that with complete conviction because I’ve been here for over 40 years. And I still really enjoy working with my colleagues. 

You can also tell that Melitta is a family business. Because we do a lot to help staff reconcile their work with family commitments. I noticed this especially after my parental leave had ended – they made it really easy for me to get back into the workforce. There are so many good reasons to choose Melitta...

... candidates give me the impression that they really want to work here, that the atmosphere during the interview was pleasant and that after the interview the applicant already has the feeling of being part of the Melitta Group.

Sarah Jagodzinski

HR Recruiting all-rounder

Woman with light brown, medium-length hair wears jeans, a white tshirt and a white blazer. She rests her elbows on a half-height railing behind her and smiles at the camera

Hey, I'm Sarah and I've been part of the recruiting team at the Melitta Business Service Center since 2023. I handle a lot of the administrative tasks, organize job interviews and am the contact person in the field of training and unsolicited applications. When I'm not in the office, you can find me outdoors surrounded by nature – often together with my dog and cat. I have a particular passion for animals! In my free time, I like to do various sporting activities or to plan my next trip. I love exploring new cities and getting to know foreign cultures, always with an eye for extraordinary experiences.

Sarah is particularly appreciated for her active support and hands-on mentality. She is a colleague who is passionate about what she does and is always ready to step in where help is needed. This makes her an indispensable part of the team.

I was already familiar with the high-quality product brands of the Melitta Group, so I found that exciting right from the start. I was also attracted by the sheer variety of the work – it’s certainly never boring here! As part of a family business, I feel very connected to the values we live by. The welcome was very warm and I felt like a valued team member right from the start. This helped me settle in and feel comfortable here from day one. The development opportunities are another strong argument in favor of Melitta – and the high percentage of long-serving employees here speaks for itself.

For me, an application is particularly meaningful if it’s not only complete and all formalities have been covered, but also has a personal touch. A personalized cover letter shows that the applicant has really thought about the Melitta Group and the particular position. It's about authentically conveying your own enthusiasm. For me, that makes the difference between a good and a very good application.

"The best thing about our job? Getting to know and bringing together very different people! Each new team member brings new facets and their own personal experience and skills to the Melitta Group. We’re always very happy to welcome new members of the Melitta team."

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