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Sustainable growth

Sustainable living at Melitta

As we are a family-run company with a history dating back more than 100 years, pursuing a sustainable approach has played a key role in our operations for many years. Our entrepreneurial decisions have been geared toward longevity since the very beginning and try to balance economic targets with ecological and societal interests. Starting with our company's founder, Melitta Bentz, the needs and worries of our employees have always carried great weight in determining the development and continued growth of the company. This is our role model and our duty.

Our understanding of sustainability is firmly anchored in our company's values. Because we are often faced with ecological and social issues relating to the manufacture of our products, sustainability strategies were already developed in the individual business units some time ago. Numerous measures have been initiated and implemented over the past decades – from harvesting coffee in an environmentally friendly way to highly energy-efficient production facilities through to attractive design of the work space and our commitment to community involvement.

Starting in 2015, operations throughout the Group have been governed by a Group-wide sustainability strategy. The aim is to consolidate the many activities developed and implemented by the individual business units in order to achieve an even higher impact from our sustainability activities. At the same time, we wish to enhance the transparency of our approach to sustainability and of the measures it entails. Our sustainability strategy is based on the four pillars of employee responsibility, environmental responsibility, economic responsibility and commitment to society. Each of these pillars is guided by an overarching vision supported by voluntary commitments. Our target is to convert all specifications to a systematic structure of levels by 2030 and make our sustainability activities measurable throughout the company.

The Melitta sustainability strategy is an integral component of Group strategy worldwide and moreover makes a contribution to generating profitable growth for the Group and its brands as well as reducing costs, promoting process excellence and fostering the company's innovation ability.