04/02/2020 | Melitta Group

Statement from the Melitta Group on the corona crisis

The corona crisis is one of the biggest challenges our society has had to face. Around the globe, drastic measures have now been taken to contain the coronavirus. The new virus is affecting our private and professional lives to an unprecedented degree.

At the Melitta Group, we are taking this situation very seriously and are facing up to our responsibilities: to our employees, our partners, our customers and to the wider society. We are adhering to all officially published behavioural rules and are urging our employees and partners to do the same. For us it is clear that our health is our most important asset and must be protected.

Since the first escalation of the crisis in China, the Melitta Group has been monitoring the course of the epidemic and the dramatic market slumps and we adopted measures such as travel stops for employees at an early stage. We have also established a task force that is working intensively on precautionary measures and the protection of our employees. The task force is also analysing the possible effects of the corona virus on business processes and supply chains. Colleagues are reassessing the situation on a daily basis and adapting our response to the situation. Their actions are protecting and safeguarding our employees and business areas from the most drastic effects.

The top priority is clearly the safety of our employees. All colleagues have been informed about behavioural guidelines for hygiene and preventing the spread of the virus. Business trips, meetings and events have been cancelled, postponed or are conducted using digital methods. The canteens have been closed as places to meet and eat. They are now only serving rolls and packed lunches to take away. In order to keep social contacts at work and thus the risk of infection to a minimum, the vast majority of employees are working from home. We have taken extensive precautions to keep the risk of infection on site as low as possible for our employees working in the production facilities. After all, it is our colleagues in the production departments who are currently ensuring that we can supply our markets and customers with the goods they need.

As a family-owned company, caring for the health of our employees is very important to us. However, this is not solely an end in itself but also serves to sustain our business. We are doing everything possible to keep constraints as low as possible because many of our products basic essentials and are of fundamental importance, especially in the current situation.

It is with great respect that we see how many of our colleagues are particularly dedicated right now and the degree of solidarity and sense of responsibility there is among them. How unconventionally, quickly and creatively help is given and work continues. We are very proud of this, because it shows our employees' passion, motivation and identification with the company.

In both business and personal life, the following applies to us all more than ever - we must actively tackle the challenges posed to our society by SARS-CoV-2 and shoulder this considerable burden together - without ifs or buts. And especially without panic, hysteria or misdirected actionism.

The Melitta Group is firmly convinced that if we stand together and continue to act with complete commitment, we will overcome this crisis together. If each individual makes their contribution, we will slow down the spread of the coronavirus and thus slow down the consequences of the crisis for everyone. If each one of us accepts their responsibility, acts prudently, shows solidarity and common sense, we will deal with this challenge together and safeguard the long-term future of our society and our economy.

The Melitta Group
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