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Four good reasons for Melitta as an employer

Discover a Wealth of Opportunities!

What sets us apart as an employer? What are our strengths that you can also benefit from? We asked our employees. Here are the results:

Diversity and presence
“You think it's all about coffee here? Hardly!” The Melitta Group stands for much more than just coffee. We are a successful company with operations around the world, a broad product range, internationally famous brands, and over 1,000 patents. We set standards in quality, are continually developing new product solutions and occupy outstanding positions in our markets. Working with us means always experiencing new opportunities and perspectives, diverse markets and an international work environment.

Long-term perspective and continuity
“At Melitta, I don't have to choose between having children and having a career!” Melitta is a family-oriented company. Long-term perspectives, continuity and stability are important to us. With our attractive offers like flexible working time models, we ensure that work and private lives can be well balanced. We offer numerous social benefits, support corporate volunteering and offer programs for childcare and preventive healthcare.

Room to contribute and visibility
“At Melitta, you're not just a small cog in a machine, but are really able to have an impact!” We are convinced that good ideas can only be generated where there is scope for free thinking. We thus promote independence in working and mutual trust. We give our employees a high degree of flexibility and the greatest possible leeway to organize their time themselves. After all, those who want to leave their mark, shouldn't take the beaten path.

Respect and cooperation
“At Melitta, people work together and not against each other!” Together, we are Melitta. With our flat hierarchies and short decision-making processes, we foster a professional environment characterized by collaboration and mutual respect. In our offices, the doors are always open – we communicate with each other on an equal footing. We know each other and know that we can rely on each other. This is the only way we can be successful.

In the Careers section you can find out more about Melitta as an employer and read about current job openings!