Melitta Group | 06/16/2016

Melitta Group: successful fiscal year 2015

- Sales up eight percent
- Economic success borne by several pillars
- First positive effects of "Melitta 2020" strategy
- Sales expected to grow by five to six percent in 2016

The past fiscal year was a successful period for the Melitta Group: sales rose from €1,325 million to €1,436 million and thus achieved growth of eight percent. Without the negative impact of currency effects, sales growth would have even reached double figures. The expected sales growth of three to five percent forecast at the beginning of the year was thus easily exceeded.

In 2015, the Melitta Group employed an average of 4,079 people on a full-time basis (prior year: 3,743) and invested a total of €27 million (prior year: €37 million). "We are also satisfied with the development of earnings," states Dr. Stephan Bentz, Member of the Group’s Chief Corporate Management. "Adjusted for special items, we are within the targeted range. It is particularly pleasing that this economic success is being borne by several pillars and that the defined growth areas are meeting the expectations we placed in them."

Sales driven by coffee and coffee preparation products

The Group’s coffee and coffee preparation business once again played a pivotal role in its development during 2015. As in the previous years, more coffee was sold than ever before. This is true for Melitta Europe, as well as for Melitta Brasil and Melitta North America. The three operating divisions together achieved sales of €1,063 million (prior year: €988 million) and thus accounted for 74 percent of the Group’s total sales (prior year: 69 percent).

The operating division Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions also made encouraging progress. The specialist for professional hot beverage preparation in the system and non-system catering segments raised sales by 13 percent in 2015, from €127 million to €143 million. Sales were driven in particular by the launch of new products, such as the XT generation of fully automatic coffee machines, and the successful capture of numerous major client accounts.

Mixed trend in other business fields

There were different focus areas for the Melitta Group’s other operating divisions in fiscal year 2015: Cofresco, Europe’s leading manufacturer of branded products in the field of household films and paper, acquired the UK company Wrap Film Systems in October and thus entered the British market. The operating division raised sales by 18 percent from €142 million to €168 million – mainly as a result of this acquisition.

The fiscal year 2015 was predominantly challenging for the operating divisions Wolf PVG, Neu Kaliss / Neukölln Spezialpapier and ACW-Film. Whereas sales of ACW-Film were on a par with the previous year (€6 million), revenues of Wolf PVG fell from €20 million to €17 million and of Neu Kaliss / Neukölln Spezialpapier from €41 million to €39 million. In order to improve the business of these three operating divisions, a number of restructuring measures and investments in new products and equipment were already made in the past year.

Strong progress made with "Melitta 2020" strategy

The strategic program "Melitta 2020" introduced in spring 2015 is making good progress and has already led to numerous changes throughout the Melitta Group. These comprise restructuring measures within the operating divisions – including production relocations for Cofresco and Wolf PVG – as well as the optimization of product portfolios, such as the pooling of responsibility for garbage bag sales with Cofresco and for dust bags with Wolf PVG.

The most important strategic decisions in the past fiscal year also included adjusting the organizational structure of the Melitta Group. The operating division Melitta Europe was divided into the three independently operating business fields Coffee, Coffee Preparation and Sales Europe, while two new operating divisions were created with Melitta Single Portions and the Melitta Business Service Center.

Outlook 2016

The current fiscal year will again be dominated by changes initiated by the "Melitta 2020" strategy. In addition to the adjustment of processes and work procedures necessitated by the new organizational structure, the main focus will be on implementing the Group’s internationalization strategy and developing new growth fields. Fiscal year 2016 will therefore be a year of change for the Melitta Group.

The economic outlook for the current year is viewed as generally favorable. However, adverse economic conditions and currency turbulence in some countries of importance for the Group are likely to have a negative impact. Against this backdrop, the Melitta Group expects sales growth of five to six percent in its fiscal year 2016.

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