Melitta Group | 06/30/2016

Educational Fair Vocatium

That Melitta means „packed with possibilities“ and has a special attractiveness as an employer, was proved again at the beginning of the year with the FOCUS-study. However, many students do not realize which concrete career opportunities the Melitta Group offers. To emphasize Melitta as an attractive employer for this target group, the HR team and some apprentices were on the Vocatium in Bielefeld for the first time this year.

The special feature of this fair for education and studies, which took place on 21 and 22 June in the Town Hall Bielefeld: Already in advance binding talks between pupils on the one hand and corresponding persons from the company on the other side were agreed. The aim of this particular concept is to give both, the students and the companies, the chance to prepare themselves intensively for the counseling sessions. "For us, this is a completely new approach, which has turned out to be very positive", says Jutta Gronemann from the Human Resources Development. On the two days, the team conducted a total of more than 50 personal interviews that were previously agreed. In Addition, there were also spontaneous talks with the so-called "walk-ins".

Enthusiasm showed for example Niklas Opitz, pupil of the Helmholtz-Gymnasium in Bielefeld. In a detailed interview, HR Generalist Christiane Poggel has answered all questions about the dual study programme. "The conversation was very informative", says Niklas Opitz and adds: "I wanted begin after graduation a dual degree in business administration anyway. So far, I only didn‘t know in which company I should  apply. After the conversation, I know now that I'm going to apply definitively at Melitta. As he has left a very good impression in the interview, he received an additional certificate from Christiane Poggel that he may attach to his application. Because: "In the conversation it quickly became clear, that the pupil was prepared very well," explains Christiane Poggel.

How many students actually decide in choosing a career at the Melitta Group, will be seen in the next selection processes. The team is excited and looking forward to many applications.