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Melitta stands for enjoyment

Our Coffee and Tea business field

Melitta is the home for an entire world of coffee preparation. From delicious filter coffee and whole beans, to innovative pads and high-quality Melitta® filter papers, to filter coffeemakers and bean-to-cup machines. Melitta enables people all over the world to enjoy coffee at its best – whether at home, in the office, on the go, or in the restaurant. The Melitta® brand is well known to all coffee lovers and the guarantee for an outstanding brew.

Black, green, white, herbal or fruity, invigorating or relaxing: there is hardly a beverage more versatile than tea. Freshly brewed, tea gives us a sense of comfort and well-being. Under the Cilia® brand, Melitta offers a wide variety of different tea filters, along with everything else needed to ensure that tea aromas can fully unfold.


Buisness field Freshness & Flavour

Indispensable helpers for great flavour

The Freshness and Flavour business field encompasses all products of the Melitta Group that are designed for storing or preparing foodstuffs – from baking paper to freezer bags to sandwich paper.

Buisness field Convenient Cleaning

Making dirt less of a chore

A wide range of varied brand-name products for a clean home make up the Convenient Cleaning business field. Our products with the brands Swirl®, Handy Bag® and PrimaPack® provide reliable solutions for quickly and simply

Buisness field Industrial Applications

Partner for the industrial sector

In particular, our industrial business field comprises products for the preparation of hot beverages in the hospitality sector, vacuum cleaner accessories and filters, packaging films for the consumer goods industry as well as specialist papers and nonwoven materials.