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The best application tips 
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Apprenticeship at Melitta: How do I write an application?

After school education comes vocational training – or at least the search for an apprenticeship. With the aid of our application tips, finding a place should be a cakewalk. In this article, we’ll show you everything you need to include in your online application. And then we’ll tell you how to structure and write an application properly.

In addition, you’ll learn what you need to pay particular attention to when applying for an apprenticeship. And why a complete résumé and your school reports are just as much a part of the perfect application as your choice of an appealing application photo.

Sounds complicated? Don't worry! If you follow our tips for your first apprenticeship application, you’ll find it much easier to write a really good application next time. But first things first...

4 is the magic number: the buliding blocks for your cover letter

At some point, everyone faces the challenge of having to write a perfect application for the first time. And after all, a successful cover letter can be decisive. Your goal must be to convince the boss or personnel manager while reading the letter that you’re exactly the right person for a commercial or technical apprenticeship. And as with so many things in life: the first impression is crucial.

Time is money, as they say – especially for busy managers and HR experts. Your cover letter should therefore be no longer than one page. Make it short and sweet. And if you weren’t able to impress on page 1, you probably won’t succeed on the other pages.

Short and to the point should therefore be the motto for your cover letter. We’ll show you how using the well-known AIDA model:

A ttention

The introduction of your cover letter should already succeed in grabbing the reader’s attention. They should get the impression that you’re well informed about the company and its portfolio – and highly motivated to send them your application.

I nterest

In the main body of your letter you need to sell yourself well – and awake an interest to get to know you better: Which strengths and experiences with regard to the apprenticeship make you the ideal candidate? And what about your social skills?

D esire

Now is the time to make a link to the company and refer to the advertised apprenticeship. One of our application tips is therefore to convince the reader that your apprenticeship is important for their company – and make them want to respond to your application.

A ction

You should use the final part of the cover letter to inform the reader about your earliest possible starting date and to ask for an interview. Now round it off with a suitable closing statement and your personal signature – and you’re ready to go!


Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes in your apprenticeship application letter. It’s a good idea to ask your parents or your teacher to look over everything one last time.

Already attached: The résumé.

You’ve already successfully taken the first hurdle for the perfect application with your cover letter. Now comes the résumé. This is the actual “business card” of your application – and should give your new employer a quick and comprehensive overview of your life so far, as well as of your qualifications and strengths.

It’s obviously no secret to say there are 1000 + 1 different ways to prepare such a résumé. But no need to panic: the “tabular-style” résumé is the most widely accepted and we’ll therefore restrict our application tips for apprenticeships to this particular format.

The tabular résumé for the perfect application usually consists of a two-column table with no visible lines. Work your way back in time – starting, for example, with your school leaving certificate and ending with your school enrollment. This enables the employer to see the current events in your life first.


The heading “Résumé” and your name are absolutely essential for the perfect application. This makes it much easier for your new employer or the respective HR expert to work with your documents.

Application photo

Put yourself in the right light with an appealing application photo – and place it in the upper third of your résumé. Please only use a professional photographer who can advise you and show you off from your best side.

Personal data

In addition to your full name, address and telephone number with e-mail address, your résumé should also include your date and place of birth at the top.

Professional development

Already successfully completed an apprenticeship and worked for a company – or got your first taste of working life with a holiday job? Your future employer will be thrilled to hear it. So tell them who you worked for and don't forget to include the type of work and duration, as well as the specific tasks you were entrusted with.

School eduvation

Obviously, your new employer is particularly interested in your academic career and qualifications. And don't forget: honesty pays off in the end! So include your grades – even if not all of them were perfect. Always remember that lying is a reason for dismissal for many employers.


Already done some internships? Way to go! In your résumé, state the duration and type of the respective internship – and remember to include the names and addresses of the companies where you did them.

Knowlege & skills

In your apprenticeship application you should tell your potential employer whether you have any computer skills (Word, Excel etc.) or which language skills you may have already acquired during a year abroad.

Interests & hobbies

You love playing the guitar or are a wizard on the football pitch? Your hobbies may also be of interest to an employer! But caution: your high score on the PlayStation should perhaps remain our little secret ... ;)

Places and date

Make sure the place and date on your application are up-to-date – and match the details on your cover letter.


Attention: Not only your letter of application for the apprenticeship has to be signed by hand – also your résumé. The best idea is to scan your signed documents.

Time for top grades: your certificates for the perfect application.

Anything missing? Yes, of course: your school grades and internship certificates. These definitely have to be attached to your letter of application for the apprenticeship. Scan these carefully. After all, you’ll probably want to write several apprenticeship applications.

One small tip: your certificates can be significantly enhanced by an official stamp – which the secretary’s office of your school or your internship employer will be glad to give you.

What your online application for an apprenticeship should look like.

The good news first: you now know how to write and put together an application for an apprenticeship. Now you just have to send it. But that shouldn't derail us now so close to the finishing line, should it?

What your online application for an apprenticeship should look like.

The good news first: you now know how to write and put together an application for an apprenticeship. Now you just have to send it. But that shouldn't derail us now so close to the finishing line, should it?

And this is how it works: many mid-size and large companies, such as the Melitta Group, have been using online applications exclusively for years. On the Melitta career website, for example, you’ll always find the corresponding job application forms alongside the current job vacancies. It enables you to easily and conveniently upload your application letter, résumé, certificates etc. as a PDF or ZIP file.

Up to four attachments with a total size of 18 MB can be included. We recommend that you save your online application as a single document if possible. Especially important: if you write a proper online application, please use a scan of your signature on your cover letter and résumé – or type your name.

Got everything? Then it’s time for mailing! We hope our application tips for apprenticeships have helped you a little. And of course we hope you’ll soon receive an invitation for your first interview.

Any questions?

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